New Command scenario: Smooth Bordeaux

March 26, 2014 · Posted in Command 

Database – CWDB
Author – Mark Gellis

In 1963, the government of Togo was overthrown in a military coup and its President assassinated.  At the time, several African nations refused to recognize the new military government in Togo.

This scenario assumes that tensions between France and Togo increased significantly in the months following the coup.  Reprisals resulting from these tensions aimed at French nationals living in Togo have resulted in the brutals murders of several individuals, including three French nuns who were running a rural hospital outside of Lome.

The French government has sworn to take revenge on Togo for these “barbaric acts.”

Author’s Note: It was necessary to assume that some outside power had provided Togo with additional military equipment.  With only half-a-dozen MB326’s, it was too easy for the French to win.  Historically, Israel provided Togo with some military aid, but this was mostly in the form of training.  For this scenario, Egypt was chosen because it seemed that, if tensions were rising in the region, Egypt was likely to be sympathetic to a small African nation in a dispute with a former colonial power like France.


ATTN: Commanding Officer, Arromanches

You are instructed to initiate OPERATION SMOOTH BORDEAUX.


The Togolese government refuses to take responsibility for the murders of French citizens that have occurred in the last few weeks.  Our government has decided to take action.


Togo has very limited military capabilities but these should not be underestimated.  Intelligence suggests that the airport and the surrounding area are protected by artillery and anti-aircraft guns.  Togo also has a small squadron of light attack aircraft at their disposal.

One additional factor must be considered.  Egypt remains hostile to France because of our role in the Suez Affair.  Intelligence reports suggest that Egypt may have sold or transferred some aircraft and patrol boats to Togo in the last few months.


Your task force consists of R 95 Arromanches and her air wing, C 610 De Grasse, D 630 Du Chayla, D 624 Bouvet, D 638 La Galissonniere, and A 629 Lac Chambon.


Conduct bombing raids against Lome Airport, which also serves as one of Togo’s principal air bases.  Your primary goal is to inflict harm on Togo, to make it absolutely clear that we will not tolerate having our citizens kidnapped and murdered.


Establish air and sea superiority before embarking on the raids themselves–an intelligence officer aboard Arromanches will inform you when he believes it is safe to begin the bombing operations.

If necessary, Du Chayla and La Galissonniere may be used to engage targets in Lome directly with naval gunfire.

You are free to attack any appropriate targets of opportunity.

Avoid causing significant civilian casualties.


Command: Arromanches

Signal: EMCON State C (Unrestricted Emissions)

Good luck.  Vive la France!


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