New Command scenario: US Naval Air Power Debate: F-35

April 25, 2014 · Posted in Command 

Database – DB3000
Author – Tom Yochum ‘Yokes’


Military hardliners have staged a coup in the nation of OpForia. OpForia ground forces are currently busy capturing government buildings and rounding up all opposition. Intelligence indicates that these operations will be completed in 2-3 hours. Once completed, however, these forces are expected to storm the US Embassy to collect hostages for use as human shields or as bargaining chips against foreign intervention.

As a result, the President has ordered you to extract all US personel from the embassy within the next 2 hours.


A rescue force of five MV-22B Osprey tiltrotors are scheduled to lift off at 21:00 GMT (in one hour). They will require 30 minutes on ground to load up all the personel.You are to eliminate any opposition to their trasit to and from the Embassy.


Weapons free against all OpForian forces.


OpForian military commanders have already declared their intention to attack any foreign forces that violate their borders.

OpForian air forces consist of a mix of a few higher end fighters (mostly Flankers) and a larger number of low-end aircraft. There are a small number of bombers capable of naval strikes based at OpFor Airbases 1 and 3. Expect a mix of Russian and Chinese equipment.

The OpForian capitol is defended by a mix of SAM systems of Russian and Chinese origin and all of them mobile. HUMINT has spotted at least one S-300 system. Expect short-ranged systems to be emplaced near the Embassy.

The three Airbases currently have a large number of civilians holding “rallies” in favor of the new goverment in key areas of the airfields. Any attacks on the airfields would result in a large number of civilian deaths and therefore the President has declared them off-limits.

The OpForian navy has placed a DDG and two FFGs right along your ingress/egress route.

Good luck Commander.


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