Ukraine, Journeyman and JSF vs SuperBug: Six new Command scenarios available

April 25, 2014 · Posted in Command 

Miguel Molina has released an updated version of the Command community scenario pack. The new release contains six brand-new scenarios:

  • Excellent Loon, 1976 : Canada turns up the pressure on Soviet naval vessels transiting through its home waters. How far can they push the Bear before something breaks out?
  • US Naval Air Power Debate: Baseline, 2016 : What is the ideal mix of fighter assets for USN carrier ops in the near future? Experiment and find out in this triad of hypothetical crisis scenarios. First, a balanced fleet of JSFs and Super Hornets.
  • US Naval Air Power Debate: F-35, 2016 : The debate continues. This time an all-JSF air wing.
  • US Naval Air Power Debate: Super Hornet, 2016 : Concluding the debate with a variation of an all-Super Hornet wing.
  • Operation Journeyman, 1977 : Argentina and the UK clash over a base on Thule, five years ahead of the Falklands story.
  • Crimean War Episodes: Operation Tiger Rifle, 2014 : Based on the evolving crisis in the Ukraine. A combined USN task force with support from Romania-based USAF assets must kick down the Russian A2/AD door (including formidable Yakhont and S-400 batteries) and sink the bulk of Russia‚Äôs Black Sea surface force. And with no stealth assets. Can it be done?

As always, the community scenario pack is available on the Command downloads page at WarfareSims:


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