New Command scenario: USS Baltimore SC2 – Two Birds One Stone

May 18, 2014 · Posted in Command 

LAAuthor: mcp5500
NATO vs. U.S.S.R.
Date/Time: September 11 1983 / 09:00 AM GMT
Location: Norwegian Sea
Playable Sides: NATO


USS Baltimore emerges from the Greenland ice sheath on the sixth day of hostilities. After killing a Soviet Typhoon SSBN, TK-208, and a Victor III in the Barents Sea on the opening days of the conflict, the Soviets have taken Reykjavik Iceland and Narvik Norway. USS Baltimore must do what she can to stem the flow of Soviet subs into the North Atlantic and suppress the resupply of Reykjavik.


This is a single sub action. Use time compression to cover the distances.
Scoring Message will appear at end of Scenario


To: USS Baltimore
Welcome back captain. Let me give you an update.

The Soviets have taken Iceland and destroyed the SOSUS net to Greenland. They were also able to land forces and aircraft at Reykjavik and Narvik as well. At the same time, aircraft from the Kola Peninsula hit the Nimitz battle group. The Nimitz took a missile hit and the cruiser Arkansas and the destroyer Mitscher were lost. We have withdrawn our surface fleet as far south as the Azores where we are preparing to move north with CVN-69 and CVN-62 Battle groups along with an amphibious group lead by USS Guadalcanal and supported by HMS Ark Royal. We will retake Reykjavik and then Narvik.

We have several US and British SSNs along with Norwegian, French and Spanish SSKs approaching the choking points around Iceland to stop as many soviet SSNs and SSGNs before they get into the North Atlantic but our line is thin. We believe their SSBNs have moved into the White Sea or under the ice, but as far as we know, they are staying close to home. We believe the newer SSNs, Victor IIIs, are still protecting them; but, after the killing of TK-208, that strategy may have changed. We just don’t know. If the SSNs do try to go to the open sea, and we stop them, that could open up opportunities for us in the future to move against their SSBNs to limit their nuclear options.
Captain, let’s get down to business.

We have two tasks for you.

First, we have learned that a convoy is heading southwest out of the Barents Sea and we expect the group is going to attempt to resupply Reykjavik. Satellites are attempting to locate the convoy but we must stop this group at all costs.

Second, Naval Intelligence believes, that all indications are, that the Soviet navy is about to attempt to transit as many SSNs SSGNs, SSs and SSGs as possible through the Norwegian Sea and into the North Atlantic. We believe this as well. With our surface fleet south and Iceland in Soviets hands, the Soviet navy’s high command knows we can only bring limited ASW assets to bear to close the gap. Now would be their best opportunity to try to close the North Atlantic to all shipping. The transiting subs would also clear the way for the resupply convoy.
Your Orders: Conduct ASW operations as you transit south into the Norwegian Sea. Kill all enemy subs that you can without revealing your presence. Continue ASW operations until instructed to intercept the convoy. We will gather what satellite data we can to keep a track on the convoy and send you updates on the convoy’s approximate position, speed and make-up. There are No friendlies in your operational area. Nuclear weapons are NOT authorized. After ending your convoy action, proceed south out of the Norwegian Sea to be vectored to Britain for resupply and reassignment.

When the soviet subs attempt to run the Norwegian sea, they will most likely do this in large numbers and in waves. Some waves may use active sonar during their transit to clear the way.

We believe the SSN submarine make-up would be their Victor Is and IIs, Hotel IIs, Alfas, and Novembers. As mentioned earlier, be on the lookout for any Victor IIIs. As for the SSGNs, we expect the new Oscar class, Charlie Is, Charlie IIs, Echo IIs, and some SSG Julietts to hunt our carriers. ASW Aircraft can be expected over the Norwegian Sea at this time.

Good Luck.


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