New Command scenario: Regaining Honor

May 18, 2014 · Posted in Command 

Author: Coiler12
Date: April 2, 2015

The turmoil in the Middle East has produced a change in Yemen’s government. With the failure of multiple regimes in rapid succession and fear of an outright Islamist takeover, a unity government of all but the most hardline parties has been formed. Unfortunately, that unity government contains a mixture of "moderates" and old anti-Western socialists, and the Yemeni president and prime minister face political pressure from inside and out.

At the same time, the instability within Yemen has led to the United States stationing increasingly large numbers of troops and equipment in nearby Djibouti and dramatically increasing drone activity. Several collateral damage incidents and the constant presence of UAVs have angered both the Yemeni public and politicians.

Faced with this pressure, the Yemeni minister of defense has proposed a limited show of strength, to "restore his country’s honor"…


Communique from Yemen Minister of Defense:


-My apologies for the informal tone of this "briefing", however time is short.

-Yemen is under much pressure. The prime minister-our third in two years-has barely survived a confidence vote. Everyone is condemning the American attacks, and failure to respond might lead to him being brought down and yet another cabinet shuffle. At the same time, the Americans are anticipating our government’s complete collapse, and are preparing for at least a limited intervention, likely on behalf of a strongman.

-The government does not trust the army to not launch a coup, and thus has not mobilized it near the capitol. However, the air force has been readied, with much effort devoted to getting it capable of squadron-sized operations again. This we have accomplished.

-The prime minister views the air force’s role as bombing any troop columns approaching Sana’a. However, I have a plan that could hold off the crisis. Our unit commanders have been told to ready every aircraft available for air-to-air loadouts. You are to engage any drones that enter our airspace.

-The Americans will protest, but are highly unlikely to escalate over drone shootdowns. In the event that they do, it will likely take the form of a limited cruise missile strike. The country’s most modern defense systems have been deployed. For political reasons, a deputy is set up to take the fall-I shall claim it was an unauthorized order from him and he will resign if necessary.

-Should American fighters enter Yemeni airspace, you are to engage unless they present an overwhelming danger. However, do not shoot down any AWACS with large numbers of crew inside and be careful not to target civilian craft flying over Yemen.

-May we regain our honor in the eyes of our people.


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