New Command scenario: Mururoa 1973

May 18, 2014 · Posted in Command 

Author: Jorm

Historical Background: Following France‚Äôs refusal to accept an International Court of Justice injunction against its atmospheric nuclear testing based at Mururoa Atoll, the New Zealand government decided to station two frigates, HMNZS Canterbury and Otago, in international waters outside the test area. Cabinet minister Colman would accompany this daring protest. 

The Otago arrived off Mururoa in time to witness the first French test. Colman transferred to HMNZS Canterbury when it arrived to relieve the Otago on 25 July, and he and the crew of the Canterbury watched the second test.,com_frontpage/Itemid,1/

Scenario background: Australia has joined the south pacific nations in protest and has sent HMAS Melbourne and escorts  to support the protest. The political situation has deteriorated and the pacific nations have demanded you stop the next nuclear test using a show of force.


Mission: The New Zealand Otago group support by HMAS Perth is ordered to close to the atoll and destroy the test facility and infrastructure.

HMAS Supply is to exit the area but remain close for immediate RAS as our forces exit the area. It is vital Supply remains safe.

HMAS Melbourne task Force is to provide ASW coverage to the Otago group. The A-4’s can be used to strike the atoll. Remember the A-4G can carry Sidewinders and provide CAP but are no match for a dedicated fighter.

Enemy Forces: Expect strong submarine resistance from a picket line suspected in the region between Otago and Mururoa.

Expect strong surface forces and support ships around Mururoa. There are no neutral forces in the area.

The French maintain strong maritime patrol capability at Tahiti and we have been shadowed by Neptune aircraft for the last 2 days.

The French carrier Clemenceau is escorting A 646 Foudre which is carrying the nuclear test device and is expected to stop at Tahiti for resupply before delivering the nuclear device to the atoll in the next few days.


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