New Command scenario: Chillied Sea Slugs

May 18, 2014 · Posted in Command 

Author: Jorm


The background of this dispute goes back to the mid-1980s. In 1985, the then Foreign Minister of Peru,  first addressed this issue formally with the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Chile.

The Chilean–Peruvian maritime dispute was a territorial dispute between the South American republics of Peru and Chile over the sovereignty of an area at sea in the Pacific Ocean approximately 37,900 square kilometres (14,600 sq mi) in size. Peru contends that its maritime boundary delimitation with Chile was not fixed, but Chile claimed that it holds no outstanding border issues with Peru. The dispute primarily concerned an area at sea between the parallel that crosses the end point of the land border between Chile and Peru, and the bisecting line perpendicular to the coasts of Chile and Peru. This line was formed by the overlapping of the baselines of both countries, forming a trapezoid of 67,139.4 square kilometres (25,922.7 sq mi). Peru requested an equitable division of the maritime territory, but Chile demanded sovereignty over approximately 38,000 square kilometres (15,000 sq mi) of the territory. On a secondary level, the dispute included the status of a maritime triangle to the left of the aforementioned trapezoid, approximately 28,471.86 square kilometres (10,993.05 sq mi) in size, which Chile considered part of the high seas and Peru as part of its maritime domain.



Use the heavy guns of our CL O’Higgins the intimidate the Peruvian fishing vessels and attempt to shepherd them back into Peruvian national waters.

Use aviation assets from Iquique to patrol the area to track the movements of the Peruvian navy

Group Prat is available to assist shepherding the fishing fleet, at least 6 have been tracked into our waters.

WEAPONS TIGHT. Do not fire unless fired upon.


Scenario notes

I had to use the Argentinian General Belgrano which is also a Brooklyn class CL, the Chilean vessel is not in the data base. Same for the D25 Segui the SUMNER class destroyer. The weapons layout has been edited to correct for Chilean loadouts.

Let the scenario run for about 30 seconds before doing too much.

Scoring is not enabled.


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