New Command scenario: Spanish Guinea

May 18, 2014 · Posted in Command 

Author: Jorm

Oil exploration and production has boomed in the Gulf of Guinea. The once Spanish colony of Equatorial Guinea’s corrupt government has asked for Spanish assistance with protection of the countries offshore oil and gas platforms.

Tensions with Nigeria have escalated as they continue to press their claims on the offshore oil fields.

A minefield has been detected stopping all access to oil platforms. Spanish mine sweepers have arrived…

The oil wealth of Nigeria has attracted military support from the Dutch who have assisted with acquisition of spare parts and technical assistance in restoring the Nigerian air force.

Unfortunately the region is also West Africa’s most pirates riddled waters.


Design Notes:

Much of the Nigerian air force and navy is not included, I’ve used other nations ships and planes as direct  substitutes. Where small patrol vessels could not be directly  matched I’ve chosen a very similar class and edited  it to match. I’ve used JANES as a resource for the NAVY all aircraft used are those that Nigeria had in its OOB at the time.



Using the three Aggressive class mine sweepers, sweep the area marked bounding the oil platforms to the north and east of Malabo. It may be easier of section the area into two  patrol zones.

Protect the mine sweepers using F81 Santa Maria and F35 Cazadora.

Air assets are very limited.

Conduct anti-pirate patrols using F31 Descubuerta and limited air assets at Bata.

An engineering battalion loaded onto L 41 Herman Cortez with its heavy equipment is bound for Bata. Protect this vessel at all costs.


The region is thick with civil and commercial traffic and oil wells. Take great care to identify targets.

Nigeria have declared hostilities by attacking our oil platforms , all Nigerian vessels are to be considered hostile.

There are  two pirate ‘mother ships’ operating in the region. Both are 800ton trawlers; find and destroy both of them if possible.

Most of Nigeria’s air force is known to be based at Makurdi AB.


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