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May 18, 2014 · Posted in Command 

Author: poaw

Date/Time: 20 October, 2016
Location: South China Sea
Playable Sides: USN/USMC


In the interest of rolling back Chinese territorial expansion an amphibious assault is launched against their outposts in the Parcel Islands, primarily the Woody Island airfield. Your mission is get the landing force in place and protect it while the Marines storm the islands.

Scenario Design Notes:

This is a medium freeform scenario. Encompassing air, surface, subsurface and land attack actions in "the future next Tuesday".


Commander US Forces


PACOM has decided to begin rolling back the PLAN’s possessions in the South China Sea. The course of action decided upon was an amphibious assault on the Paracel Islands, focused on capturing the aviation facilities on Woody Island intact. Such an assault will compel the PLAN’s South China Sea fleet to battle, bring their aircraft out from their IADS, and give us a staging point within 350nm of their southern coastline.

You can expect the bulk of the PLAN’s South China Sea Fleet to oppose your efforts. The Paracel Islands are geographically close to Hainan Island, and are seen as Chinese territory, militarily and politically they can’t back down from this fight they will bring the heat. Our COMSEC is still intact, but they can read a map and operational indications as well as we can, they know something is coming, just not exactly what, when, or where.


Woody Island has an aviation contingent stationed there with a handful of fighter and attack aircraft, along with several modern SAMs and ASM batteries on the surrounding islets. The point of primary concern is the YLC-8 radar located there.

The South China Sea Fleet’s surface element primarily consists of guided missile frigates and destroyers. Expect more than one surface action group screening the approaches and looking to attack anything they think they can hurt. They have limited numbers of modern high-end AAW destroyers, but expect at least one with each SAG and plan accordingly.

There is a very large and active submarine force operating in the area, be especially wary in the littorals around the landing area. Most of the opposing submarine force is obsolete Ming-class boats, but they have a small number of modern SSKs armed with ASMs. Those can cause serious problems.

Most of the air threat will come from Hainan Island, with the Liaoning providing support. Their forces will be a mix of modern multirole aircraft and dated figher craft. There is also a contingent of heavy bombers capable of launching ASCMs stationed there.

Second Artillery Corps will be looking to kill carriers with their ASBMs, including the STOVL amphibs. Avoid detection of your carriers as much as possible, but if that becomes impossible you have several BMD capable escorts with your forces. If you suspect an attack try to consolidate your forces around them. They’ll attempt to swamp your defenses, but they will be holding back a significant portion of their missiles to cover any forces coming from Pearl Harbor.

The Liaoning will be in the area, protected by an extremely capable escort force consisting of multiple AAW destroyers and frigates along with at least one SSN. They will be the most dangerous force in theater but will likely be employed very conservatively and only allowed to support operations with it’s modest airwing and in self-defense.

Task Organization:

Bush CSG

  • CVN 77 Bush
    • 20x F/A-18A+
    • 12x F/A-18E
    • 12x F/A-18F
    • 4x EA-6B
    • 4x E-2D
    • 11x MH-60R
  • CG 58 Philippine Sea
  • DDG 51 Arleigh Burke
  • DDG 80 Roosevelt
  • DDG 103 Truxtun

Makin Island ESG

  • LHD 8 Makin Island
    • 6x F-35B
    • 4x AH-1Z
    • 3x UH-1Y
  • LHA 6 America (Sea Control)
    • 20x F-35B
  • DDG 72 Mahan
  • LPD 22 San Diego
  • LPD 23 Anchorage
  • LSD 45 Comstock
  • LSD 52 Pearl Harbor

Zumwalt LAG

  • DDG 1000 Zumwalt
  • LCS 4 Coronado (ASW)
  • LCS 6 Jackson (ASW)
  • LCS 7 Detroit (ASW)

Changi Airbase

  • 4x P-8A
  • 8x KC-130J
  • 2x MQ-4C

SSN 783 Minnesota
SSN 21 Seawolf


Get the amphibs into the landing zone, and protect them while they offload. How you do so is up to you. However DO NOT damage the airfield facilities themselves especially the runway. Sinking the Chinese carrier should be regarded as a secondary objective, but do not endanger the landings to pursue it.


Scenario Notes:

In order to perform the landings get your amphibs (excluding the USS America), into the objective area and remain there for eight hours.
You score points based on destroying aircraft, ships, and submarines
You lose points for losing aircraft, ships, submarines, with large penalties applied to losing carriers, amphibs and damaging the airfield on Woody Island.
The Liaoning is worth a significant point bonus, but is very well protected. Be sure you can spare the resources to attack it if you choose to.


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