New Command scenario: Tanker Wars

May 18, 2014 · Posted in Command 

Author: poaw
USA vs. Iran

Date/Time: 20 April, 2017
Location: Persian Gulf
Playable Sides: USA


In response to diplomatic tension regarding possible violations of a nuclear proliferation agreement, Iran has declared a quarantine on military traffic in the region. Our partner nations in the region have scaled back their operations and civilian traffic has been complying with instructions from the Iranian Navy.

Your mission is to is to contest this state of affairs and demonstrate the United States Navy’s commitment to freedom of navigation in international waters.

Scenario Design Notes:

This is a small Sea Control scenario representing a likely mix of forces and objectives; roughly equivalent to, but down scaled from, Operation Praying Mantis during the Tanker Wars.


Commander US Forces


Recent Chinese overtures in the region have emboldened Iran to abandoned it’s attempted reconcilliation with the US. Their continued grievances involving economic and military sanctions and China’s willingness to skirt the letter of the law on them has resulted in a significant reduction in the amount of soft-power the US can bring to bear, making it more and more inevitable that hard-power solutions would be required to bring the situation to an acceptable resolution.

You have been tasked with dealing with Iran’s "military quarantine". Make no mistake though, it is a blockade in all but name and the United States Navy is not in the business of being blockaded.

Available Forces:

A Littoral Action Group (LAG) consisting of:

  • LCS 2 USS Independence (ASW)
  • LCS 3 USS Fort Worth (SUW)
  • LCS 6 USS Jackson (SSM)
  • LCS 7 USS Detroit (SUW)

Rules Of Engagement:

You are authorized to take any offensive action you deem necessary against Iranian naval assets in order to accomplish your mission, however avoiding damage to civilian shipping is of the utmost importance. The Iranians, won’t be attacking the shipping either, but it’s your responsibility to keep them out of the line of fire. DO NOT hide in the merchant traffic.

Ensure you have positive ID before you engage.

Designer notes:

This scenario is intended for the player to use his LAG in order to clear the Iranian blockade. You score points by:

  • Passing through the Iranian blockade with a surface vessal

You are penalized for:

  • Losing aircraft (manned or unmanned) 
  • Losing surface ships


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