New Command scenario: Kolkata Thresher

May 18, 2014 · Posted in Command 

Author: Mark Gellis

In 1982, General Hussain Muhammad Ershad came to power in Bangladesh after a coup removed President Abdus Sattar from power.

This scenario assumes that, instead of the bloodless coup that actually took place, Bangladesh has collapsed into civil war between the supporters of Ershad and the supporters of Sattar.  In addition, China has provided material support to Sattar in the hopes of turning Bangladesh into an ally against India.  India has responded by providing assistance to Ershad.

Increasingly, India is frustrated with the situation.  It sees China as adding to the political instability in the region and as contributing to the amount of human suffering the civil war in Bangladesh has created.  In recent weeks, its warnings to China have included the suggestion that action may be taken against Chinese vessels delivering further military supplies to the rebels in Bangladesh.   


Author’s Notes

A delta template .ini file has been included with the .zip file so that one can more easily upgrade the scenario to any future versions of the database.


*** FLASH *** FLASH *** FLASH ***

ATTN: Commanding Officer, Himgiri

KOLKATA THRESHER is go.  Repeat.  KOLKATA THRESHER is go.  Execute immediately.


We have informed China that we will no longer allow them to support the rebels in Bangladesh.  These warnings appear to have been ignored.  A Chinese convoy has been spotted moving up the coast of Myanmar; it appears to be headed for Chittagong, which is currently controlled by the rebels.


The exact composition of the Chinese convoy is currently unknown, but probably consists of two or three Chinese warships and several merchant vessels.  A Chinese submarine may also be on patrol in the area.

Early in the civil war, the rebels gained control of the Umar Farooq. This is the principal naval vessel under their command.

China has transferred a number of older aircraft to the rebels.  Intelligence reports indicate the rebels have eight to ten of the Chinese version of the MiG-19.  The rebels are keeping their forces fairly close to their home bases–they will not pursue hostile vessels or aircraft beyond a certain distance from Chittagong.


Your forces consist of the Himgiri, the corvettes Nashak and Vijeta, and the submarine Karanj.  In addition, a Bangladeshi warship, the Abu Bakr, is on patrol in your area and will share intelligence with your forces.    

Available aircraft at Kalaikunda are chopped to your command.


1. Locate the Chinese convoy and determine its composition.

2. Prevent the Chinese convoy from entering waters controlled by the Bangladeshi rebels.  If possible, close on the convoy and force it to turn back.  China has already been warned that if their ships enter the exclusion zone, we may fire on them.  The exclusion zone is marked on your tactical map. 

You are cleared to fire on Chinese vessels that violate the exclusion zone.  Repeat.  You are cleared to fire on Chinese vessels that violate the exclusion zone. 

If the Chinese initiate hostilities, you are cleared to sink their warships, but hold your fire against any merchant vessels until those vessels have violated the exclusion zone.

3. If feasible, prevent either the rebels or the Chinese from attacking the Abu Bakr.


If possible, avoid hostilities with rebel forces until it is clear how the situation with the Chinese is going to unfold.  The government hopes that we can resolve this situation without further escalation, although this outcome seems unlikely.  If you fire on rebel forces, even in self-defense, it increases the likelihood that the Chinese will automatically fire on any Indian forces that approach their convoy.

Do not fire on Chinese vessels unless they have violated the exclusion zone or have fired on your forces or allied forces.  

Some of the Chinese warships are likely to be armed with anti-ship missiles.  The countermeasures available on your vessels for dealing with such missiles are limited; use caution if you believe the Chinese are likely to initiate hostilities.

Once it is clear whether the situation with the Chinese will end with them turning back or with the necessity to use force, you are free to attack rebel targets of opportunity.  If possible, locate and sink the Umar Farooq.


Command: Himgiri
Signal: EMCON State C (Unrestricted Emissions)

Good luck.


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