Pirates, tankers, drones and nuclear bombers: Fourteen new Command scenarios

May 18, 2014 · Posted in Command 

A new updated version of the Command community scenario pack has been released. The new version contains fourteen brand-new scenarios:

  • USS Baltimore SC2 – Two Birds One Stone, 1983: USS Baltimore emerges from the Greenland ice sheath on the sixth day of hostilities, after killing a Soviet Typhoon SSBN and a Victor III SSN in the Barents Sea on the opening days of the conflict. Meanwhile the Soviets have taken Reykjavik, Iceland and Narvik, Norway. USS Baltimore must do what she can to stem the flow of Soviet subs into the North Atlantic and suppress the resupply of Reykjavik.
  • Deter, Detect, Defend, 1962: A few months before the historical Cuban missile crisis, another hypothetical crisis erupts between the superpowers. Unlike Cuba, this one escalates out of control, and a strategic exchange commences. As hundreds of SAC bombers depart for Soviet targets, waves of Soviet bombers have been detected enroute to the United States. You are in charge of the north-western sector of NORAD. Use your US & Canadian interceptors, some of them nuclear-armed, to defend against the onslaught.
  • Regaining Honor, 2015: The instability within Yemen has led to the United States stationing increasingly large numbers of troops and equipment in nearby Djibouti and dramatically increasing drone activity. Several collateral damage incidents and the constant presence of UAVs have angered both the Yemeni public and politicians. Faced with this pressure, the Yemeni minister of defense has proposed a limited show of strength, to "restore his country’s honor”: Shoot down as many American drones as possible, and any fighters that will interfere.
  • Mururoa 1973: France has ignored repeated requests (including an International Court injunction) to stop the nuclear tests on the Mururoa atoll. Realizing that only active force will settle the issue, a joint Australia-NZ task force is sailing to the area authorized to destroy the test facilities. However, French forces carrying the next test device are also arriving. Will the HMAS Melbourne have to go toe-to-toe with Clemenceau?
  • Chillied Sea Slugs, 1988: The long-standing Chile-Peru maritime border dispute escalates as Chile attempts to enforce its claims by driving Peruvian vessels away using its sole Brooklyn-class light cruises. But will Peru turn the other cheek?
  • Spanish Guinea, 1995: Oil exploration and production has boomed in the Gulf of Guinea. The once Spanish colony of Equatorial Guinea’s corrupt government has asked for Spanish assistance with protection of the country’s offshore oil and gas platforms. Tensions with Nigeria have escalated as they continue to press their claims on the offshore oil fields. A minefield has been detected stopping all access to oil platforms, and Spanish mine sweepers have been dispatched to clean it up. But mines are the least of concerns: Pirates lurk in the thick commercial traffic, and a resurgent Nigeria is unlikely to let events unfold without intervening.
  • Four Ounces Can Move Four Thousand Pounds, 2016: Early in the outbreak of hostilities between China and Japan, both nation’s surface fleets face off for control of the East China Sea. The JMSDF must maintain sea control in order to protect the maritime trade routes that are its nation’s lifeline from interdiction by the PLAN. The PLAN must implement its doctrine of early anti-access measures to delay an offensive response to their operations.
  • Play The Fool, 2016: US and Chinese naval forces clash in the western Pacific. To roll back Chinese territorial expansion, a USMC amphibious assault is launched against selected outposts in the Parcel Islands, primarily the Woody Island airfield. Get the landing force in place and protect it while the Marines storm the islands.
  • Tanker Wars, 2017: Thirty years after Praying Mantis, Iran and the USN are at it again. Iran has declared a quarantine on military traffic in the region. The USN contests the blockade and dispatches a small group to enforce freedom of navigation in international waters. Can the LCS prove its mettle on the environment it was designed for?
  • Splendid George, 1985: Rebel factions in Guinea, aided by the Soviet Union, have staged a successful guerilla campaign against the local government. The US has assigned the Iwo Jima LPH to aid the local military in suppressing the rebels. However, the Soviets are also in the area. To avoid escalation, US forces are on a tight leash: No Soviet forces are to be engaged even if they shoot first.
  • Kolkata Thresher, 1982: Bangladesh has collapsed into civil war and China has supported the anti-government rebels, hoping to turn Bangladesh into an ally against India. Increasingly, India is frustrated with the situation.  It sees China as adding to the political instability in the region and as contributing to the amount of human suffering the civil war in has created.  It has warned China that action may be taken against Chinese vessels delivering further military supplies to the rebels in Bangladesh. The time has come to make these warnings real.
  • Tempest Marlin, 2016: Following a coup, the new military government of Cameroon has put down all resistance with extraordinary brutality. The remaining rebel forces have withdrawn to the coastal town of Kribi. The specter of another massacre looms. Experts fear sanctions will not work, or at least not work quickly enough to prevent tens of thousands of deaths, and the rest of the world has a very unpleasant choice to make: take action against Cameroon now or wait and perhaps be partly responsible for the massive death toll.
  • The Raisa Affair, 1969: Following the Six-Day War, the Soviet Union rapidly resupplied Egypt with regular arms shipments. Israel frequently intercepted and inspected these cargo vessels. You are tasked with making such an inspection. This could be a routine task…. or it could get ugly real fast.
  • The Snipe Incident, 1958: In the 1950s, Chile and Argentina were engaged in a dispute over the possession of several islands off the southern coast of Tierra del Fuego.  An Argentinian destroyer has been spotted approaching the Snipe lighthouse and Chilean forces are standing by on alert. Will everyone back off? This is often how wars start.

As always, the complete community scenario pack is available for download on the WarfareSims site: http://www.warfaresims.com/?page_id=1876

With this release, there are now 140 scenarios available in total.


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