New Command scenario: Operation Square Peg

June 6, 2014 · Posted in Command 

Author: Coiler

Although the F-22 was conceived of as a pure fighter, it has developed some bombing capability. This scenario is to show how the bombing capability of the F-22 could be used.

ATTN: Commander, US Forces

You are to execute OPERATION SQUARE PEG.


There is credible evidence that the Syrian regime is modifying L-39s for specialized chemical attack. The L-39s are located at Marj Ruhayyil airbase. The decision has been made to strike them. The urgent nature of this strike mission does not allow time for a thorough preparation, so F-22s, armed for a role they were not designed for, have been chosen to conduct it.

The Syrian air defense system, consisting of SA-2, 3, 5, and 6 SAMs is active. While MiG-29s have been spotted deploying at Damascus International Airport, it is unclear if they will intervene.


Your command consists of a squadron of F-22s based out of RAF Akrotiri. The squadron armament consists of a mixture of AMRAAMs for escort against potential enemy air intervention and SDBs for the airfield attack.


Attack Marj Ruhayyil. The L-39s are hidden in shelters, so place a priority on destroying those.


This is to be a limited strike. While you are free to engage any MiGs in the air, do not attack Damascus International Airport.


Command: RAF Akrotiri.

EMCON: State C (Unrestricted Emissons).


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