New Command scenario: A Day at Red Flag

June 6, 2014 · Posted in Command 

Author: Coiler

The Red Flag exercises introduced in the 1970s brought a new level of realistic training to the American air forces. This early Red Flag features the USAF’s fighter squadrons against highly trained Aggressors in a mission to attack a heavily defended target.

-Welcome to Red Flag.

-Today’s mission consists of an attack on a heavily defended POL storage facility. There are numerous fuel tanks and trucks gathered around. To simulate a chaotic environment, friendly forces have no access to any sensors beyond the ones on their fighters.

-The Aggressor defenses consist of a battalion of SAMs, a company of SPAAGs, and two squadrons of fighters from nearby airfields.

-You are to destroy as many fuel storage facilities as possible. Try to limit casualties, but remember that this is an extremely well-defended target. The Aggressor crews are very skilled.

-Good luck.


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