Red Flag, Raptors, smugglers and battlewagons: Six new Command scenarios available

June 6, 2014 · Posted in Command 

Lockheed_Martin_F-22A_RaptorMiguel Molina has released a new version of the Command community scenario pack, the compendium of Command scenarios crafted by the user community.

The new release contains six brand-new scenarios:

  • Caribbean Clinch, 1956: The Suez conflict has gone downhill in a big way. The Soviet Union has intervened on Egypt’s behalf and atacked Israeli, British and French forces. The US, far from simply reigning in their NATO allies, are now forced to actively participate. Around the world, US forces are mobilizing to engage Soviet and Warsaw Pact forces in their immediate vicinity. In the southern Caribbean, this means your SAG force, centered on the batleship Iowa and the prototype missile cruiser Canberra, is about to taste blood. What are you up against?
  • Vivid Sentry, 2018: In the near future, tensions between Venezuela and the Netherlands continue to mount. Venezuela repeatedly harasses Dutch vessels and aircraft en route to and from Aruba. The Dutch government attempts to control the situation by moving naval vessels into the region as a “show of force” to demonstrate their commitment to their Caribbean territories. This gives Venezuela the opportunity they have been waiting for.
  • Salalah station, 1986: The civil war in Yemen has led to the government firing on targets in western Oman. Oman responded by bombing targets in eastern Yemen. Yemen has declared war on Oman and both sides have requested assistance from their allies, the Soviet Union and United States respectively. The Soviets have sent several ships into the area and are using various diplomatic and economic channels to pressure and punish Oman. The United States, having to tread a fine line between insufficient support and uncontrollable escalation, has moved a small task force into the region.
  • Operation Square Peg, 2013: Although designed as a superlative fighter, the F-22 also has a secondary strike role. How capable is the Raptor in this task? Find out in a time-critical strike against chemical weapon targets in Syria.
  • Needle in a Wet Haystack, 2009: Think that the USCG counter-drug/smuggler patrols are hard? Step into the shoes of the Ecuadorian coast guard and try to pick out and prosecute the smuggler submarines. And maintain your sanity.
  • A Day at Red Flag, 1977: The Red Flag exercises introduced in the 1970s brought a new level of realistic training to the American air forces. This early Red Flag features the USAF’s fighter squadrons against highly trained Aggressors in a mission to attack a heavily defended target.

As always, the community scenario pack is available for download at the Command downloads page on the WarfareSims site:


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