New Command scenario: Mission 2013D – Part II

June 20, 2014 · Posted in Command 

Author: steelp

In September,  Mission 2013A, involved more than 40,000 troops from multiple services aimed at a large-scale island invasion either in the South China Sea or East China Sea where China has encountered strong resistance to its claims of territorial or maritime assets.

Code-named Mission 2013B, the exercises are the third installment this year of a series of military drills. Participating in the exercise are ground troops from the 42nd Army of the Guangzhou Military Region command — the military’s crack force that was the main fighting unit during the Korean War and the 1979 invasion of Vietnam.

Air force units, surface warships and amphibious vessels, and electronic warfare groups from the Guangzhou and Nanjing region commands also formed a key portion of the war games.

A third exercise, Mission 2013C, was conducted and directed primarily by the air force.

Mission 2013D has been activated.

China launches attack on Taiwan.



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