New Command scenario: Hungarian-Serbian Border Incident

June 21, 2014 · Posted in Command 

Author: Mark Gellis

This scenario assumes that tensions between Hungary and Serbia during the next couple of years due in part to Hungary’s support for the independence and acceptance into the European Union of Kosovo.

A few weeks before this scenario takes place, Hungarian radicals murdered several Serbs living and working in the border town of Tompa.  Despite Hungary’s efforts to bring these criminals to justice, little progress has been made in the case.  The Serbian government has used the incident and the lack of progress by the police to excite anger and outrage, going so far as to demand “compensation” from Hungary.

This scenario also assumes that, by 2017, Serbia has replaced its aging MiG-29s with newer and more capable aircraft, specifically the late generation MiG-29M2s exported to countries such as Syria.


A delta template .ini file has been included in the .zip file to assist in updating the scenario to any future versions of the database.


*** FLASH *** FLASH *** FLASH ***

ATTN: Commanding Officer, Kecskemet Air Base


Negotiations with Serbia over the murders of Serbian nationals in Tompa have broken down.  Serbia has moved troops to the border and we are concerned they are preparing to launch a retaliatory strike against Tompa.


A battalion-strength force with armored and infantry units is believed to be on the border, only a few miles from the town of Tompa.

Serbia recently purchased several MiG-29M2s.  These are highly capable aircraft and you should use caution if it becomes necessary to engage them.


Your base is currently home to a squadron of JAS 39 Grippens.

A company of mechanized infantry, an artillery battery, and supporting units are on patrol near Tompa and are chopped to your command.


1. Conduct patrols of the region surrounding Tompa.

2. Protect Tompa from attack.


Do not initiate attacks against Serbian units unless:

A) Serbian units attack Tompa or some other target in Hungary

B) Serbian units cross the border into Hungary in a manner that appears to have hostile intent (as opposed to simply crossing the border by accident)


C) Your forces are attacked

If any of these conditions occur, you are free to return fire and to eliminate any Serbian forces in your area of operation that appear to threaten Tompa or other civilian or government targets.


Command: Kecskemet Air Base

Signal: EMCON State C (Unrestricted Emissions)

Good luck.




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