New Command scenario: Trouble at Trevelyan

June 22, 2014 · Posted in Command 

Author: Mark Gellis

This scenario assumes that the economic troubles facing the European Union have continued and that tensions between member nations have increased.

In particular, tensions have increased between France and Portugal.  Portuguese fishing boats have repeatedly violated areas near the Trevelyan Escarpment in the Bay of Biscay, which France has designated as a marine preserve to help restore fish populations destroyed by overfishing.

France has warned Portugal that something must be done or it will be forced to take action against Portuguese fishing boats violating the preserve.

Portugal has moved a warship into the Bay of Biscay “to observe the situation, to maintain law and order, to preserve the peace, and to protect the rights of Portuguese citizens.”


It is worth noting that this scenario is a “police action” rather than a “military action.”  Generally speaking, one is not supposed to sink fishing boats even if they are violating marine preserves.  If you reach the point where you actually have to shoot at someone, it probably means you have done something wrong.

A delta template .ini file has been included in the .zip file to assist in updating the scenario to any future versions of the database.



ATTN: Commanding Officer, Aconit

You are instructed to initiate patrols of the Trevelyan Marine Preserve.  The area is marked on your tactical map as an Exclusion Zone.


Several Portuguese fishing boats, in direct violation of our instructions, appear to be fishing in the Trevelyan Marine Preserve.  The catastrophic losses caused by the overfishing of commercially important species such as tuna make it critical that these preserves are no longer violated.


At least three Portuguese fishing boats have been spotted in the preserve.


Your task force consists of the Aconit and the Cormoran.


Locate and seize any commericial vessels violating the Trevelyan Marine Preserve.


Once you approach a fishing vessel, you should maintain a distance of less than 1,000 yards for as long as it takes to explain to her captain that the boat is being taken into custody.

The fishing boats should be seized, not sunk.  However, if any of the fishing vessels attempt to flee, you may fire warning shots and, if absolutely necessary, disable them with naval gunfire.  Be aware there is a Portuguese warship in the area and her captain may misinterpret any use of force.


Command: Aconit

Signal: EMCON State C (Unrestricted Emissions)

Good luck.  Vive la France!


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