New Command scenario: Rebel Yell

July 15, 2014 · Posted in Command 

Author: DeltaIV

NATO vs. Slovakian Rebels
1st June, 2015 / 06:00:00 Zulu
Location: Central Europe

Playable Sides: NATO

This scenario assumes that Slovakian army has rebelled. Although most of the rebels have already surrendered, one of the Slovakian airbases is still being held captive by rebels along with all available equipment and civilian personnel. Rebels are threatening to start executing civilian personnel if their demands aren’t met starting at 1200 Zulu. Slovakian goverment call for help is answered by several NATO members, which agree to provide┬álimited military support to suppress the rebellion.


Orders for Cmdr NATO Air Force


Rebellion of Slovakian army has almost been resolved. One of the airbases still remains under rebel control, along with the equipment. Slovakian government asked us to intervene. Your main objective is to recapture the airbase.

Enemy Forces

Information we received from Slovakian government indicates that the rebels are operating six modernized MIG-29s (Fulcrum-C), one battery of older 2K12 Kub SAM system (SA-6 Gainful) and one battery of more recent S-300 (SA-10 Grumble).

Friendly Forces

  • Six JAS-39C stationed at Caslav AB (note that Czech Gripens are not ground attack capable).
  • Six Mi-35M stationed at Namest Nad Oslavou AB and one C-295M at Caslav AB.
  • Two Tornado ECR stationed at Piacenza San Damiano AB.
  • Two Tornado ECR stationed at Schleswig AB.


Destroy opposing forces and recapture Sliac AB.


Use JAS-39C Gripens to maintain air-superiority in the area of operation. Neutralization of enemy SAM defences has to be performed with combination of Tornado ECRs and Mi-35Ms as needed. Transport paratroopers to LZ Alpha in vicinity of enemy airbase using C-295 (3min to airdrop). Maintain presence in the vicinity of enemy airbase (30 min) to recapture it.

Command & Signal

Command: Caslav AB
Signal: EMCON State C, unrestricted emissions


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