New Command scenario: SEAL Submarine Exercise

July 15, 2014 · Posted in Command 

This exercise is intended to test the ability of a submarine to deploy SEALs into a hostile environment.


ATTN: Commanding Officer, USS Madison.


Border clashes between the nations of Suffolkistan and the Kingdom of Nassau have recently increased in intensity. On top of increased mobilizations, the Suffolkistani armed forces have recently accquired heavy rocket launchers, which have lead us to believe that they may be attempting a full-blown assault on the fortified border.

A SEAL raid has been authorized to destroy one of the launchers, located near a command facility in eastern Suffolkistan.

Enemy Forces:

Suffolkistan is aware of the possibility of maritime sabotage, although they expect it to to come from Nassau’s navy. A squadron of Mi-14 anti-submarine helicopters has been deployed to the area, and intel suspects at least one SSK there as well.

Friendly Forces:

Your force consists of the USS Madison, a docked SDV, and its complement of SEALs.


Deploy the SEALs to the Suffolkistan shores with the SDV (OOC: have the SDV remain in the marked area for a minute), and then destroy the launcher.


Weapons free.

Command and Signal:

Command: USS Madison
Signal: EMCON State C (unrestricted emissions)


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