New Command scenario: On Stalin’s Order

July 15, 2014 · Posted in Command 

Author: DeltaIV

Soviet Union vs. Allied Forces
Date/Time: 1st July, 1945 / 06:00:00 Zulu
Location: Czechoslovakia
Playable Sides: Soviet Union


This scenario assumes that the short post-war division of Czechoslovakia was far from what Moscow expect and agreed upon on Yalta Conference. Soviet politburo agreed with Stalin to speed up the integration of Czechoslovakia into the Soviet sphere of influence. Recovering heavy industry in the western region of country was simply too important to be overlooked. Only remaining problem are few allied units that are still present in the area.

Fictional scenario.


Orders for Cmdr Soviet Air Force


As STAVKA informed us, large offensive is prepared to secure the western territory of Czechoslovakia. Our air force will play a crucial role in the destruction of railway infrastructure. This is a preliminary measure to prevent possible allied reinforcements from the west. Enemy forces consist mostly of US land forces that liberated the western region. Enemy fighters are piloted by a mixture of Czechoslovakian liberalist and UK RAF pilots.

Enemy Forces

Unknown number of fighters stationed at Plzen-Line AB. We suspect that allies are operating the more recent versions of British Spitfires and possibly some of the captured German BF-109s (now designated as S-199). We expect that the most of our mission objectives will be defended by light AAA batteries, captured German flak might be also operational at certain locations. Intel also shows that allies still operate one of the German Wurzburg Riese radars stationed west from Plzen.

Friendly Forces

12x Il-4, 16x Pe-2 bombers.

8x Yak-3, 16x Mig-3 fighters.

All units are stationed at Praha-Kbely airbase.

Praha and Praha-Kbely airbase are defended by Red Army AAA batteries.

One of the captured German Wurzburg Riese radar is also operational near the Praha-Kbely AB.


Primary objective is to destroy several railway stations and one railway bridge to cut off Plzen from rest of the railway network. Secondary objective is to destroy Wurzburg Riese radar west of Plzen.

Destroy Svojsin and Plana railway stations to cut off  the railway track further to Cheb and German Schirnding. On railway track from direction of Furth Im Wald destroy the strategically located Stankov railway station. Southern railway tracks from Bayerisch Eisenstein have to be cut off at Klatovy, Nepomuk and Horazdovice railway stations to mitigate possible rerouting of transports via other tracks. Finally, destroy the Kaznejov railway bridge to prevent reinforcements from the north.

To blind the allied forces, destroy the Wurzburg Riese radar located at Vejprnice.

Do not destroy Plzen-Line airbase as it is crucial part of our future plans.


Use all available equipment to destroy the mission objectives. You have twelve hours to accomplish the mission. Loadout of bombers and fighters can be varied after initial strike as the Praha-Kbely airbase is well supplied. Do not under any circumstances destroy the Plzen-Line AB.

Command & Signal

Command: Praha-Kbely AB
Signal: EMCON State C, unrestricted emissions


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