World War 2 & 3, Gulf merchies, sub duels and Red Dragon: Nine new Command scenarios available

July 15, 2014 · Posted in Command 

US Navy - SubmarineMiguel Molina has released a new revision of the Command community scenario pack, the compendium of Command scenarios crafted by the user community. The new release contains nine brand-new scenarios:

  • Andromeda at the Ready, 1984: Caught in the crossfire of the “tanker wars” in the Persian Gulf, an English-flagged merchant vessel has been damaged by mines and is limping to the nearest friendly port. Iranian forces however believe she is carrying contraband and intend to board or sink her. The only available British asset in the area is the frigate HMS Andromeda. Can she alone protect the merchant?
  • The Grecale Affair, 2017: The Italy-Tunisia dispute over the Strait of Sicily heats up again. The Italian navy dispatches the Grecale with air support to monitor Tunisian naval activity and respond to provocations. Sounds simple… except Tunisia is far more committed to this standoff and the Med is full of neutral traffic, so ROEs are tight.
  • Rebel Yell, 2015: A bloody rebellion in the ranks of the Slovakian army has been largely contained and the remaining rebels have barricaded themselves on an airbase, with modern SAMs and fighters. Can a hastily assembled NATO task force break into the base and recapture it?
  • SEAL Submarine Exercise, 2010: An exercise for an option that officially the USN “never uses”: deliver SEALs to foreign territory and destroy a tactical target.
  • Facing the Dragon, 2014: An AAW-centric view of a major Chinese assault towards Taiwan, and a massive brawl in its own right. Not for airwar beginners 🙂
  • Team Worden, 1983: Tensions over the ownership of Pratas Island (whose possession dramatically affects the range of legal territorial waters) have risen between China and Taiwan. Intel reports suggest the PRC may be planning an assault on the island to force the issue. To discourage Chinese intentions the USN dispatches a mixed surface/sub force to the area. If the Chinese are bluffing, this token force should suffice. If they’re not…
  • On Stalin’s Order, 1945: The ruins of WW2 are still smoldering in Czechoslovakia, and the triumphant Red Army is racing to seize the country’s strategically vital western industrial sector. However, western allied forces are still in this area and they won’t just pack and leave. Soviet forces are ordered to push ahead regardless. Will the Third World War start while the Second is barely over?
  • US-UK Fellowship Exercise, 2012: So you stalk Akulas for breakfast? Here’s a little exercise to really test your silent-hunting skills. The most modern attack subs of the US and Royal navies go mano a mano with no holds barred. May the best driver win.
  • Red Episodes: Recon in Force, 1989: Fifth in the “Red Episodes” series of WW3 from the Soviet point of view. Norwegian FAC hit-and-run ambush attacks from the countless northern fjords have been very successful against Northern Fleet forces, so much so that the Kirov SAG has been assigned to root them out of their hiding holes and neutralize them permanently. The Kirov has its main SSM launcher damaged but still leads a powerful surface group. Can it do the job, or are the fjords too tough?

As always, the community scenario pack is available at the WarfareSims download page:


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