New Command scenario: Team Mysore

August 10, 2014 · Posted in Command 

Author: Mark Gellis

This scenario assumes that tensions have increased between India and Myanmar.



ATTN: Commanding Officer, Mysore


Tensions between India and Myanmar have continued to deepen.  We now have reliable intelligence that Myanmar plans to attack Indian-flagged merchant vessels.  This must not be allowed to occur.

The weather in your area is predictably foul.  Temperatures will range between 15 and 35 degrees centigrade, with moderate low clouds, steady rain, and winds around 15 miles per hour.  Sea State 4 is expected. 


Unknown.  Myanmar has several Chinese-built warships and various Chinese- and Russian-built combat aircraft in its arsenal.  Myanmar also recently purchased two Kilo-class submarines from Russia.  You may assume light to moderate force levels will appear in your area of operation.


Vessels assigned to your task force are D 60 Mysore and D 55 Ranvijay.

S 45 Shankush is chopped to your command.

Available aircraft at Port Blair are chopped to your command.


Protect Indian merchant vessels en route to Kolkata from attack.


Do not initiate hostilities with Burmese forces.  If Burmese forces attack Indian merchants or your forces, however, you are free to return fire and to eliminate any vessels, submarines, or aircraft that appear to be a threat to mercantile traffic or to your forces.

S 45 Shankush should patrol the waters south and east of Kolkata.

Because the situation has deteriorated so rapidly, we have had limited time to prepare for a possible conflict with Myanmar.  In particular, you have limited air assets and ammunition with which to complete this mission, and you are a lot closer to Myanmar than you are to the rest of India.


Command: Mysore

Signal: EMCON State C (Unrestricted Emissions) for surface vessels and aircraft; EMCON State A (No Emissions) for Shankush.

Good luck.


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