New Command scenario: Team Dido

August 10, 2014 · Posted in Command 

Author: Mark Gellis

During the 1960s, a confrontation took place between Indonesia and Malaysia.  The United Kingdom offered aid to Malaysia during the conflict. 

This scenario assumes that Indonesia was more willing early in the conflict to strike directly at British forces.



ATTN: Commanding Officer, Dido


The situation between Indonesia and Malaysia continues to deteriorate.  The British government is committed to protecting Malaysia and its people. 

The town of Serasan, on the Indonesian island of Pulau Serasan, is suspected of being used as a covert base for organizing guerilla warfare against Malaysia.  Intelligence sources report that a landing field for helicopters is being constructed on the island.

Weather is wet, muggy, and uncomfortable, and expected to remain so for the foreseeable future.  Temperatures will rise to about 90 degrees Fahrenheit.  Skies will be cloudy and moderate rain will continue all day and into the night.  Winds will be light, however, and Sea State 2 are the roughest conditions you are likely to experience.   


Unknown.  Indonesia has some light naval forces in the area.  The scope and quality of the defenses on Pulau Serasan are unknown, but almost certainly include anti-aircraft artillery, possibly 40mm or 57mm guns.  Use caution if you conduct flights over the island.

Potential air and submarine threats are believed to be minimal or nonexistent. 


Your surface group consists of the F 104 Dido and F 102 Zest

A Canberra reconnaissance aircraft has been flown to Sibu and is available to assist you.


Scout out the area around Serasan.  If you discover the Indonesian landing field, or any facilities that may be supporting it, destroy it and any supporting facilities. 


At your discretion.


Command: Dido

Signal: EMCON State C (Unrestricted Emissions)

Good luck.  God Save the Queen.


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