New public release: Command Build 562

August 28, 2014 · Posted in Command 

SR72The summer is over, and we are back.

Today we are releasing Build 562, a new public update for Command. This is a recommended update for all existing players.

You can download the update HERE or HERE . You must first have Command v1.04 installed before applying this update.

The full release notes are available on the release thread on the Matrix Games forums.

This update is defined by two significant improvements.

1) Speed. Major portions of the core execution pipeline have been re-architected to optimize performance and scalability. The boost is most noticeable on "heavy" scenarios (not just in terms of number of units but also activity, e.g. numerous concurrent pathfinding processes, everybody jamming and scanning everybody etc.). Stability is also improved.

2) Air Refueling fixes. You asked for smarter and more dependable refueling AI & mechanics, and we listened.
The list of tweaks & improvements is too long to list here, but three major changes stand out:
a) Crews are now context-aware in their logic of picking the most suitable tanker. Depending on what the aircraft is supposed to be doing (enroute to mission, returning, free-roaming, on patrol, on support circuit etc.) the optimal choice is often significantly different.
b) Tankers are now smart enough to avoid overbooking (and thus getting completely drained). They now reject refueling requests that they estimate they will not be able to service.
c) Aircraft returning from a mission (e.g. strikers on the RTB leg) will opt to bypass available tankers and head straight for their home bases if possible. This lightens the load on available tanker assets and eliminates the need to manually change the "use refuel" doctrine mid-mission. If they do need to refuel on the return leg they do as before.

And as you no doubt know by now…. this update is paving the way for even better things coming in the future. Stay tuned.


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