Command’s birthday presents: Steam and WOTY Edition

September 24, 2014 · Posted in Command 


What a year it has been.

Command: Modern Air / Naval Operations was officially released this day last year. It was critically acclaimed by the press and customers alike. It completely shattered sales expectations (Year-1 estimates were reached before the end of the first _month_). It rapidly amassed a thriving community that embraced it, played it, analyzed it, contributed to it, created new content for it and catapulted it to the very top of the wargaming genre. The WS dev team fully supported Command with a series of successive updates which fixed discovered issues and added loads of new and enhanced functionality as well as tons of new content, all available for free.

So as Command completes a wildly successful year, it is time to take the next steps forward.

This Friday, MatrixGames and WarfareSims are releasing Command: Wargame Of The Year Edition (a.k.a the v1.05 update), a comprehensive update that rolls up all previous official updates and adds improved simulation performance, a massive overhaul of air refuelling AI and mechanics, BVR cranking, Non-Cooperative Target Recongition (NCTR) functionality and improved damage & repair modelling, as well as a host of issue fixes and database additions. As with all previous updates, WOTY/v1.05 is available for free to existing owners of Command. The full-pack installer from the MG e-store has been updated to the new version, so new customers will get the latest and greatest out of the box.

On another milestone event, Command will for the first time be made available on Steam, also beginning this Friday. Adding Steam to our distribution channels serves perfectly our established practice of regular public updates and should completely streamline keeping up with our (sometimes frantic) pace of providing new material & content. Even better, existing customers can get a Steam key for free (see here for instructions) to add Command to their collection. WS and MG are fully committed to supporting both Steam and MG-store customers equally so players can follow the evolution of the game on their preferred way.

These “birthday presents” are of course stepping stones to even greater things coming in the horizon. Stick around; Command boasts not only a glorious short past but an even brighter long future.




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