Peacemakers, Falklands, cable taps and Korean carnage: Seven new Command scenarios available

September 29, 2014 · Posted in Command 

Miguel Molina has released a new revision of the Command community scenario pack, the compendium of Command scenarios crafted by the user community. The new release contains seven brand-new scenarios:

  • Operation Vulture, 1954 : The siege of Dien Bien Phu is entering its climax as the French garrison is about to be overrun. The Eisenhower administration decides to intervene decisively, both to help its allies in the region and to send a clear message to the Communist block. An entire SAC combat wing of B-36 strategic bombers is dispatched to Clark AFB and assigned to strike the assault waves of VN forces around the French fortress.
  • En Garde, 2013 : In exercise En Garde 2013, the French carrier group centered on the Charles De Gaulle is tasked to attack and defend against “OPFOR” air, sea and land assets represented by UK forces. Is the CdG up to the task or is another Trafalgar in the cards?
  • Cable-tap, 2015 : As a result of the 2014 election leading to New Zealand/Aotearoa leaving the FVEY Echelon/UKUSA shared-intelligence alliance (UK, USA, Canada, Australia, ex-NZ), the USN submarine Jimmy Carter (the last Seawolf, optimized for SpecOps) has been tasked to infiltrate and tap one of the backbone undersea internet cable links from New Zealand/Aotearoa to the rest of the world. But the mission is already off to a bad start and the NZ forces are now on full alert. Can the JC finish the job?
  • Falkland War, 1982 : The Falklands conflict from the British side. You have at your disposal the full RN task force plus RAF reinforcements at Ascension island. How will you prosecute the war?
  • Havana Daydreamin, 2017 : An emboldened Russia exploits perceived US diplomatic weakness to re-strengthen ties with Cuba, Venezuela, Nicaragua and other countries in the region and establish the so-called Havana Pact, firmly regaining a solid foothold in the Caribbean. A new US administration takes office in 2017 however, and is determined to break this new alliance by any means. Tensions rise steadily until the stage is set for a decisive confrontation.
  • Shoot-out at Package One, 1952 : The Korean War is raging. You are in command of Task Unit 95.22, a joint US-Canadian task force that has spent several days ranging up and down the coast, shelling North Korean military and logistics installations with special attention to the coastal rail lines. Train-busting is a welcome diversion from ASW escort and plane-guard duties and some of the targets in the coastal area between Songjin and Singpo were known as Package One through Package Five, each Package denoting one of the tunnels with the railroad targets strung out between them. It is now dawn, the skies are clear, the winds are calm and it’s time to go train hunting.
  • Building a Cage, 2005 : September 2005. Islamic extremist parties have come to power in several Arab countries. Algeria was the first, despite of the efforts of Western Allies on both sides of Atlantic to stop these regimes. Soon, all North African countries fell under the rule of N.A.I.L., Northern Africa Islamic League, including Egypt, Libya, Algeria, Tunisia and the surprisingly the pro-western Kingdom of Morocco. The relationship between Spain and Morocco had deteriorated sharply after Perejil Islot affair and the Western Sahara referendum. Spain answered by reinforcing her military at those two cities. This is the prequel to the famous “Canary’s Cage”.

As always, the community scenario pack is available for download at the WarfareSims download section:

With the new scenario pack release, the total number of released Command scenarios is now 194!


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