Lucky Seven: Command v1.07 has been released

March 9, 2015 · Posted in Command 

NORADCommandCenterSo, the cat is officially out of the bag. The full release notes are available here.

We’ve talked extensively about the significant enhancements that the new v1.07 update brings to Command, but here’s a quick refresher on the biggies:

  • Weapon Release Authorization (WRA): All the endless arguments about how the AI pilots should double-tap MiG-29s while using cheap ammo against easy targets (etc. etc. etc.) are officially over. You are now in complete control. So no excuses when the enemy whips you 🙂
  • Mission Editor 2.0: Putting up a complex multi-group, multi-axis strike package is now easier than ever. The enemy AI may also use this against you ;). Plus a lot more customization options for all mission types.
  • Scenario Attachments (aka auto-bundling): Hesitant to spice up your scenario with map overlays etc. because so far it required manual action by the player? No more. Map graphics, custom Lua scripts, import files and even more attachment types coming soon. Get cracking!

Some smaller but also significant bits in this release as well:

  • Tons of UI enhancements such as discrete range rings for anti-ship and land-attack weapons, even more hotkeys, redesigned manual weapon allocation window, contact filter-out (even more map declutter) and much more.
  • Lots and lots of additional Lua scripts.
  • Better performance on scenarios that use zones (ie. most scens out there).
  • Massive overhaul of AAW missile endgame logic; target speed matters more, and the evasion bonus must now be earned instead of automatically granted.
  • Bigger effect of crew proficiency on damage control & underway repairs (remember the Shinano?)
  • Improvements to submarine battery recharge rates.

Plus of course the customary mile-long list of small fixes, DB additions and tweaks.

And we’re not over yet…


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