MOBs, anti-torps, superfrags, gunships and much more: Command v1.08 Release Candidate now available

June 5, 2015 · Posted in Command 

MOBRegular forum denizens are aware that for a while now we have provided an unofficial “service release” update to v1.07, available at the MatrixGames forum. This update has now been fleshed out considerably and become worthy of a new official update, designated v1.08.

And the first Release Candidate of this new update is now available on the Matrix forum.

Some of the big new items:

  • New weapon types: Anti-torpedo torpedoes (this used to be science fiction but now they’re entering service), erhanced fragmentation warheads (aka “superfrag”), and contact explosive – sabotage & suicide subtypes (think USS Cole).
  • New ship type: Mobile Offshore Base (aka “Battle Island”, aka how to make a CVN captain feel puny). Contrary to aircraft carriers, a MOB can also operate land-based aircraft (e.g. large transports).
  • Selectable display of weapon engagement arcs.
  • Improvements on sub AI & battery-recharge logic.
  • Side-firing gunships now maneuver properly (and huge fun to watch).
  • Lots of UNREP fixes & tweaks.
  • Numerous tweaks to sensor models (speed-dependent IR signatures, no-scan-while-track limits on older radars etc.), snap-up/down restrictions on anti-air weapons and and ASW torpedo logic.
  • Several UI and simulation speed improvements.

Plus a mile-long list of fixes, tweaks and of course countless database additions as you’ve come to expect from the crazy folks at WarfareSims.

Give it a go and let us know what we can do even better. Your feedback matters!


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