Back from HoW-15 – A few thoughts

June 26, 2015 · Posted in Uncategorized 

HoWWell, we’re back from Home of Wargamers 2015. And what a terrific event it was.

Within less than 3 hectic days we were presented with, and discussed, the full gamut of seismic developments taking place in the strategy/wargaming market and what they mean for our hobby. We were aware of most of them, but seeing them all presented together and most importantly in proper context and with analysis of their repercussions was a real eye-opener. We are already busy in absorbing the implications of what we saw, and in fact a last-minute tweak on Command v1.08 (final version) was the direct result of one of the points hammered home (bonus points to the first one to spot it upon v1.08’s official release).

Even more than that, however, this was a rare opportunity to interact with fellow wargaming developers, journalists and publishers. Marco called the event “The Bilderberg of Wargaming” and that’s a particularly apt description. We stood in awe of veterans of the genre and gleamed golden nuggets from their experience. We shared war stories, tales of woe and moments of triumph with devs just like us – and were elated to find out they like and play our game just like we with theirs. We talked with press, fans, hobbyists and simple gamers – and they gave us the best, most honest feedback we could ask for. We all looked together at the future, and how to flourish in it. Roger, Gregor, Joel, Richard, David, Hubert, Daniel, Johan, Matthew, Mario, Owen, James, Frank and all the others, we salute you and look forward to catching up with you anytime, anywhere.

Our thanks go to Matrix Games for hosting this event, inviting us and most importantly _making it happen_. Every single staff member present from CEO to yeoman went above and beyond, pure and simple. We’d be unpardonable to not offer special recognition to Marco “The Superman” Minoli – quite literally the beating, pulsing heart of the event. Marco, we have no words.

More tidbits after we catch our breath 🙂



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