Northern Inferno is coming!

September 18, 2015 · Posted in Command 


Yes, that’s what we held back 🙂

So now it’s official. Northern Inferno, the first DLC release for Command, has been announced by MatrixGames. It will be part of the v1.09 update and will also be bundled with the full-pack installer for new customers.

NI is a milestone release for a number of reasons. On its own, it’s a storyline campaign of 15 scenarios created by Paul Bridge, a member of WarfareSims and Royal Navy officer (and Falklands veteran). We are thrilled with the campaign story and trust our existing users and new players alike will enjoy it as much as we did during testing.

Equally important, NI is an excellent opportunity for new players to try out Command, as it can be purchased and played as a standalone game at a fraction of the price of the full CMANO game. So the argument “this looks really interesting, but  is too expensive for me to try” is now officially dead (if Steam refunds haven’t killed it already).

Stay tuned for more updates on this epic release!


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