The road to v1.10: Steam Workshop

December 18, 2015 · Posted in Command 

Command Build 757.12, which had been made available unofficially at the start of December, has now officially been released through MatrixGames and Steam. Barring any emergencies, this is probably the last update released as part of the post-v1.09/NI release support process (Command is still 50% off at MatrixGames until early January!). The development team’s focus is now the next major public update, designated v1.10. Let us take a look at the some of the major improvements that the new version will feature.

Steam Workshop ScenariosMenu

With the release of v1.10 one important new feature is Steam Workshop integration, giving players a new avenue to share and discover scenarios!

One quick note we here at Warfare Sims would like to point out that the new Steam Workshop functionality will in no way supersede the existing scenario distribution channels (the community scenario pack and the matrix scenario forum). The wildly successful community scenario pack showcases the very best of the scenarios released to date and will continue to be released periodically with additional updates. In fact highly rated Steam Workshop scenarios will find their way into the community scenario pack.

Submitting a scenario to the Steam Workshop couldn’t be easier!

First, open Command via Steam. Then, open the scenario you would like to upload in ‘edit mode’. After that press the “Publish scenario to Steam Workshop” button near the bottom of the Editor menu.

Publish Form

Attach a special preview image, or use the screenshot of the action on the screen as the thumbnail for the scenario.

After that it’s as simple as pressing ‘Publish New Item’. Its sent off to Steam, and made available on the Steam Workshop immediately!

Item in steam

Now, to download this scenario you must subscribe to the scenario.


After hitting that ‘Subscribe’ button the next time you open Command via Steam the scenario will be downloaded to a special new folder in your Scenario directory.

Scenario after subscription

The Steam Workshop allows scenario authors to be able to auto-update their scenarios, an author can make a change to a scenario and update the existing item on the Workshop and then this update will automatically be sent to all those who ‘subscribe’ to the item.


We look forward to taking a look at the scenarios you upload! The inclusion of Steam Workshop in v1.10 introduces a whole new way to share scenarios, in addition to the already existing channels of scenario distribution!


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