Triple Aces: Command v1.11 has been released

May 9, 2016 · Posted in Command 

F35JSMIt took our longest-running public RC phase yet, but it was worth it. Command v1.11 is now available through the MatrixGames and Steam updaters, and joins our long list of major free updates.

To quickly recap why this is arguably our biggest v1.x release yet:

  • Pier-docking Operations add a whole new operational/strategic dimension to CMANO’s gameplay: Ships and submarines can now dock to their parent hosting facilities (either a shore pier or a mother ship/sub) and refuel, re-arm and even repair their damages. Will you push your ships to the limit and risk withdrawing too late from the fight? Or too early and give your enemy free reign? Will you take your time to fully repair (and possibly let your enemy get away), or put back to sea too early and risk being outgunned? The choice is yours.
  • Proper Winchester, Shotgun, Bingo, Joker and Chicken states for aircraft: Want your aircraft to do one-pass engagements and run away even with almost full weapons? Sure. Want them to fight until they’re flying on fumes? Check. Want them to retreat early and fight another day? Done. “My pilots don’t fight the way I want them to” is now officially dead as an excuse.
  • Thoroughly revised air-to-air refueling mechanics and AI: Not only is the pilot AI a whole lot smarter on refuelling decisions, but the player is also given a lot more options to finetune refuelling plans if he wants to. Want to stick tankers to fixed orbits and serve anybody in need? Sure. Want them exclusively assigned to a mission instead? Check. Want them to tag along with the strike package and peel off after providing their fuel? Can do. With the v1.11 update CMANO leaves even many dedicated combat flight sims in the dust when it comes to refueling ops.
  • ORBAT recon of air/naval bases: “The last satellite pass 4 hours ago showed that an additional 12 fighter-bombers had been moved outside from their shelters and parked on the perimeter revetments, probably in preparation of a major sortie. Accordingly, the raid leader adjusted the targeting and weaponry of the second wave; instead of blasting the hardened shelters with precision penetrator munitions, most of the strikers would sprinkle the open parking spaces with cluster bombs”. You can now do this stuff in CMANO.
  • AGL altitude settings, stores jettison and mission player feedback: Sometimes it’s the little things that make a big difference. Your terrain-following capable aircraft can now go really down in the weeds and stay there. You can now define (with doctrine, so per unit, group, mission or entire side) which aircraft will jettison their heavy stores when under attack, to amnouver better, and which will hang on to them. What risks will you take?
  • New submarine options: Submarine captains are now even smarter, more evasive and take better advantage of their diesel-electric propulsion and especially AIP capability. If you thought hunting subs until now was tough, prepare to be amazed.
  • Last but not least: Massive performance/scalability gains: 3x to over 10x speed gains on large, complex scenarios. You read that right. And even more finetuning options for tailoring speed to your specific hardare & OS setup so you can squeeze every ounce of horsepower from your rig. Now bring on your world war creation. You know you want to.

Go get it! And enjoy.


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