Command LIVE #2 is announced – v1.11 SR3 released

July 27, 2016 · Posted in Command 

It’s been a busy week! Following the successful release of Command LIVE #1: Old Grudges Never Die , the WS dev team and Bart Gauvin have worked around the clock to consolidate feedback from the first release and rectify reported issues as well as preparing the next chapter in the LIVE series.

1) v1.11 Service Release 3 is now available. This update to v1.11 fixes a number of UI and game-engine issues reported since the release of v1.11 SR2 and  includes a revised and updated version of the “Old Grudges Never Die” scenario.

(Unfortunately, it appears that one of the issues considered to be fixed in SR3 is actually only partially resolved. We are currently investigating a more thorough solution. Sorry!)

2) Command LIVE #2 has been announced: You Brexit, You Fix It! 

What if the Brexit heralds the beginning of an escalation of events, creating a powder keg situation in Europe?

How would NATO and the EU act in such a situation, where timing and close cooperation are everything?

This is a two-scenario pack that will soon be available for download included on the next update, much like “Old Grudges” was. If you enjoy modern joint combat with top-tier forces and hardware you are in for a treat.

Stay tuned!


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