Red Phoenix, Team Carney and some fixes: Community scenario pack updated

April 20, 2017 · Posted in Command 

Sometimes this happens too.

The last major update of the Community Scenario Pack contained some scenarios that had been erroneously rebuilt to the latest database versions and, as a result, produced a crash when loaded. The problem was located in the rebuild code and fixed, and Miguel Molina has correctly rebuilt the problematic scenarios.

In addition, two new community scenarios have been included to the refreshed pack:

  • Red Phoenix – Christmas Day, 1986: North Korea has decided to try and complete the re-unification of the peninsula, by force. Kunsan AFB has already been hit by MiG-23s and sustained damage.  The main raid is only minutes away.  Take your F-16s to the skies and defend your airbase!
  • Team Carney, 2019: A variety of minor conflicts have erupted around the world.  The United States and its allies have responded by creating a number of “joint response forces” that will operate under the leadership of America’s various Unified Combatant Commands. In this scenario, USAFRICOM and allied forces are called upon to protect commercial shipping from a sudden increase in rebel-sponsored piracy and terror attacks off the coast of Western Sahara.

As always, the community scenario pack is available for download from the Command downloads page: . The new & updated scenarios will also become available for download later on the Command workshop on Steam.


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