Rafael’s PR department does it again

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After stunning the defense industry with an amazing Bollywood-themed promotional video, Rafel has one-upped itself with a mime-themed video about missile defense:

Here’s to hope that they’ll establish a trend. We need more joy in this world.

Hat tip: Steve Trimble

BLU-108 Submunitions

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While doing some research for one of our projects came across a great vid on how the BLU-108  works. These are currently employed on the CBU-97/CBU-105 series of sensor fused weapons (SFW) bombs and were used in Operation Iraqi Freedom. Pretty cool..less you’re under one.

S-400 video

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Nice video on S-400/SA-21 Growler dug up by ELP:

Article on Chinese SSBN fleet

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Type_094_SSBN The Jamestown Foundation has an article covering the current structure and future plans of the Chinese SSBN force:

China may build five Type-094 SSBNs, which will enable the PLAN to conduct near-continuous deterrent patrols, and each of these second-generation SSBNs will be outfitted with 12 developmental JL-2 SLBMs that have an estimated range of at least 7,200 km and are equipped with penetration aids. Although the transition to the new SSBN is ongoing, recent Internet photos depicting at least two Jin-class SSBNs (hereafter Jin) suggest that the PLAN has reached an unprecedented level of confidence in the sea-based leg of its strategic nuclear forces.

B-2s to arm with MOP

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yourfile Steve Trimble reports that the USAF plans to acquire a small number of GBU-57 Massive Ordnance Penetrator (MOP) bombs to arm its B-2A bombers within three years.

The USAF plans to begin flight tests on the B-2A starting in June 2011 and reach operational status by June 2012, the USAF notice says. Integrating the MOP requires no changes to the B-2A’s operational flight programme, avoiding a potentially costly and time-consuming recertification process.

Until now the MOP was a technology demonstrator program, effectively an offspring of the GBU-43 MOAB project. Deploying the bomb operationally will provide the USAF with a unique non-nuclear capability to destroy deep underground targets. It is possible that the B61-11 penetrating nuclear bomb (typically reserved for such tasks) is losing its appeal because of its fallout (actual and political) complications, thus necessitating the introduction of a nun-nuclear option for the same targets.

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