Yuri & Dmitri Donskoy

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Possible candidate for photo of the month, by the Russian Navy Blog.


ATV launches

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ATV India Today reports that India’s new SSBN will be launched from its dock on July 26:

The sub (a modified design of Russia’s Charlie class nuclear powered submarine which India leased and used as the INS Chakra for three years) will make India the sixth country in the world to operate an N-sub. The launch is only the first step in a two-year process where the submarine will undergo harbour trials of its nuclear reactor and systems before the vital sea trials. Two more hulls are ready for fabrication at the Shipbuilding Centre, a drydock in the Naval Dockyard.

Hat tip: Kobus

Yuri Dolgoruki: More shots and a 3D model

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From U-96

Yuri Dolgorukiy begins sea trials

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Pavel Podvig reports that the Yuri Dolgorukiy, the first vessel of the new Borey class SSBNs, has begun sea trials.

The real prize in this case is the first public photo of the submarine at sea (click to enlarge):


Article on Chinese SSBN fleet

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Type_094_SSBN The Jamestown Foundation has an article covering the current structure and future plans of the Chinese SSBN force:

China may build five Type-094 SSBNs, which will enable the PLAN to conduct near-continuous deterrent patrols, and each of these second-generation SSBNs will be outfitted with 12 developmental JL-2 SLBMs that have an estimated range of at least 7,200 km and are equipped with penetration aids. Although the transition to the new SSBN is ongoing, recent Internet photos depicting at least two Jin-class SSBNs (hereafter Jin) suggest that the PLAN has reached an unprecedented level of confidence in the sea-based leg of its strategic nuclear forces.