New Command scenario: COMAO Training, Transport Day

September 11, 2013 · Posted in Command 

by Blas De lezo

This scenario represents a fictional operation to exfiltrate a SOF team in a medium-to-high threat environment, where all the capabilities of a modern air force have to work together and in a coordinated way to be able to fulfill the mission.

You are going to be in the boots of a senior captain and your responsibility is going to be the coordination of very different aircrafts and weaponry with the goal to the make them work as a fine tuned and oiled war machine.

In this scenario you have the handicap to cope with the protection of a transport… big, slow and lacking of modern offensive ECM this guy is going to be vulnerable not only to the air enemy units but also to the ground ones, but it´s the key to the success of the mission… if the transport is destroyed you have lost no matter of your performance in other areas…

This scenario is routinely played in Flag exercises (Red Flag, Maple Flag and so on) and normally are part of the syllabus of air ops courses as the Weapons School Courses (USAF)  or the Tactical Leadership Program Course (NATO).

Download it as part of the Community Scenario Pack HERE.


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