New Command scenario: Op Linkod Timog I

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by Juramentado

Date: 2013

Location: Western Philippine Sea

The Philippines has been fighting internal insurgencies since before the Second World War. In present day times, the Global War on Terror has focused on a section of the island nation called the Sulawesi Sea Triangle.  It describes three primary routes (ratlines) to and from the Southern Philippines to it’s neighbors to the South (Indonesia) and SouthWest (Malaysia) used by militant groups such as Al-Queda in the Phlippines (AQIP) and Jemaah Islamiya (JI) to funnel fighters, money and weapons to wherever they are needed in the region.

One ratline runs from Zamboanga City in the southern Philippines and traces down the island chain of Sulu, and makes landfall in the Malaysian peninsula of Sabah. Since 2001, the United States has assisted the Republic of the Phlippines in building strong relations with the impoverished and isolated inhabitants of this chain. One of the most successful operations has been to provide medical missions under the campaign name Lingkod Timog (Serving the South), as many of the villages have no permanent doctors or convenient access to healthcare. In so doing, the goodwill of the Lingkod Timog teams translates to better relations with the government, and a natural resistance to the insurgent forces, who tend to come in and forcibly take what they want without regard to the local populace.

The medical missions have been such a success that AQIP and JI elements have resorted to piracy tactics to re-invigorate their influence in the area. Op Lingkod Timog I will feature a joint US-RP mission to deliver a turn-key field hospital to the southern end of the Sulu archiapelago and establish a permanent foothold in the area. Because of sequestration and constitutional limits, US forces can only provide non-lethal aid. It will be up to the Armed Forces of the Philippines to safeguard and deliver the mission package and personnel.


Download it as part of the Community Scenario Pack HERE.

New Command scenario: Malvinas 1982–The pincer

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by Miguel Molina

Argentina vs Britain

Date/Time: 1st May, 1982 10:00 Zulu

Location: Malvinas / Falkland Islands

Playable Sides: Argentina, Britain

Argentine forces captured the Falkland Islands (islas Malvinas) on April 2, 1982. Britain assembled an invasion force to recapture the Falklands. Britain declared a Total Exclusion Zone TEZ around the islands.

This scenario starts on May 1st when Argentine Navy was at sea to intercept the approaching British Task force, and before cruiser General Belgrano was sunk by Conqueror.

Download it as part of the Community Scenario Pack HERE.

New Command scenario: Green Tide

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by the CMANO_PdL_Design Team (David Perez, José Ramon García Paniagua, Miguel Molina)

Spain vs. Morocco

Date/Time: 7th January, 2016 / 11:00:00 Zulu

Location: Canary Islands / African Coast

Playable Sides: Spain

In the last years Spain has been constructing oil platforms of extraction in the waters that exist between Canary Islands and Morocco, from a beginning Morocco has expressed his non-conformity since in his understanding these platforms are placed in Exclusive Economical Zone of Morocco.

Spain has another vision and claim that they are placed in the median that separates the coast of Morocco and Canary Islands.

The most radical wing of the army of Morocco convinces his Government to take these platforms by use of the force taking advantage of the presence of air and navy units in the area due to the annual air defense exercise; they are sure that the Spaniards won`t be ready to take them back and face an armed conflict…

The base for a second Green March is laid…

First Green March ocurred in November 1975 resulting in Spain leaving the Occidental Sahara:

Download it as part of the Community Scenario Pack HERE.

New Command scenario: Fighter Weapons School – GAT 5 and 6

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by Chris Stoner


Date/Time: 21st July 1977 / 16:00:00 Zulu

Location: Nevada Test and Training Range

Playable Sides: USAF


Established in 1954 and reinvigorated by lessons learned in Vietnam, the USAF Fighter Weapons School is the ultimate proving ground for the Air Force’s best fighter pilots.  In 1977 the curriculum centered around the F-4E Phantom multirole fighter which put students through a comprehensive syllabus of air and ground attack challenges.

The final section was on Ground Attack Tactics and culminated in the GAT 5 & 6 exercises, run simultaneously with one section of aircraft striving for air to ground success and another for air superiority.  Called The World’s Most Demanding Peacetime Mission, GAT 5 & 6 required eight students to attack an assigned target protected by staunch ground and air defenses.  It was the fighter pilot’s graduate thesis and the final obstacle on their path to returning home with the covetted ‘Bullseye Patch’.

Scenario Notes
There are many challenges to overcome in this scenario.  You have 4 Phantoms outfitted for air-to-air and 4 Phantoms fitted out for air-to-ground, including 2 with PGMs.  Against you are SAMs, AAA and a heavy dose of OPFOR F-5E fighters.  There’s no support from GCI, EW or SEAD assets.  Just 8 planes and a mission.  Good luck!

Scoring is simple.  The aircraft revetment targets are worth 15pts and all other OPFOR targets are worth 10pts to the USAF.  Each lost Phantom loses them 20pts.

Download it as part of the Community Scenario Pack HERE.

New Command scenario: COMAO Training, Transport Day

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by Blas De lezo

This scenario represents a fictional operation to exfiltrate a SOF team in a medium-to-high threat environment, where all the capabilities of a modern air force have to work together and in a coordinated way to be able to fulfill the mission.

You are going to be in the boots of a senior captain and your responsibility is going to be the coordination of very different aircrafts and weaponry with the goal to the make them work as a fine tuned and oiled war machine.

In this scenario you have the handicap to cope with the protection of a transport… big, slow and lacking of modern offensive ECM this guy is going to be vulnerable not only to the air enemy units but also to the ground ones, but it´s the key to the success of the mission… if the transport is destroyed you have lost no matter of your performance in other areas…

This scenario is routinely played in Flag exercises (Red Flag, Maple Flag and so on) and normally are part of the syllabus of air ops courses as the Weapons School Courses (USAF)  or the Tactical Leadership Program Course (NATO).

Download it as part of the Community Scenario Pack HERE.

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