v1.01 update is out!

October 9, 2013 · Posted in Command 

After a series of betas and release candidates, the final v1.01 has been released. For the official announcement and the full release notes read here.

Here’s a summary of what’s in it:

  • Enhanced stability (fixed virtually all consistent crash bugs)
  • Massive performance increase, both for UI (map zoom/pan) and sim execution (which in turn means even better scalability). Also the high-fidelity mode (0.1 sec pulse in realtime) is now optional instead of mandatory so Command runs great even on low-spec machines – and screams on capable rigs.
  • Primary AI bugs (in terms of customer feedback) fixed – vastly reduced airbase traffic jams, no more “my bombs aren’t dropping”.
  • UI enhancements: Option to zoom at mouse location, option to ghost/hide sonobuoys, ability to quickly de-select all reference points, ability to abort aircraft launches, ability to order hold-fire on multiple selected units/groups. All based on customer feedback.
  • DB viewer enhancements: Dedicated weapon page, various improvements on existing pages.
  • Scen Editor improvements, e.g. the “Add Unit” window remembers its last used filters (much fewer clicks needed).
  • Simulation mechanics improvements (refined dive rates, helmet-mounted sights, semi-active SAMs in anti-surface mode etc.)
  • Updated DBs with a _truckload_ of fixes & additions, all from customer feedback.
  • Four scenarios previously available separately (community downloads) are now part of the standard release: Brother against Brother, Canary’s Cage, Choking Halifax and Fighter Weapons School – GAT 5&6.

As you can see there is a fair bit of work in this update, and we urge everyone (incl. users happy with their beta/RC version of it) to update to the official v1.01. You can update automatically from the autostart menu or grab the update installer here.

p.s. Flashpoint Campaigns: Red Storm is being released today. BUY IT. These folks live and breathe Cold War and realistic modern combat. Our kind of guys.


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