European conflicts, Nixon’s ’73 gamble and Taiwan attack: Seven new Command scenarios available

June 22, 2014 · Posted in Command 

2013d-page-003Miguel Molina has released a new version of the Command community scenario pack, the compendium of Command scenarios crafted by the user community. The new release contains seven brand-new scenarios:

  • Turkmen Bombardment, 1998: The Turkmen government, alarmed by the formation of the new Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, has ordered airstrikes on enemy positions. There are more opportunities for conventional airstrikes now that a state has formed, and more targets due to the new government moving its heavy units north. Load up those Su-25s and let rip.
  • Mission 2013D – Part I, 2014:  China has staged a series of exercises opposite Taiwan throughout 2013. Is this another one, or the real thing?
  • Mission 2013D – Part II, 2014:  It is now positive: China is attacking Taiwan. Massive waves of Chinese air, surface & subsurface forces are maneuvering and assaulting ROC assets. Can the island fortress hold?
  • Hungarian-Serbian Border Incident, 2017:  Hungary’s support for the independence and EU acceptance of Kosovo is (surprise!) coming back to bite it. Hungarian radicals have murdered several Serbs in the border town of Tompa, and the Serbian government has used the incident to steadily rise tensions. The situation is about to get out of control.
  • Out of Meggido – Team Sunfish, 1973:  In response to Soviet threats to intervene on behalf of Egypt and Syrian during the Yom Kippur War, President Nixon has ordered a massive series of attacks on Soviet forces around the world. Nixon is not insane: he is bluffing that the Soviets will be sufficiently rattled to back down from the confrontation. This scenario follows a trio of three frontline US attack submarines as they engage Soviet tactical and strategic submarines in their area of operations.
  • Out of Meggido – Battle of the Arabian Sea, 1973: As part of Nixon’s strategic gamble, the Coral Sea battlegroup is about to engage a large Soviet convoy at the Gulf of Oman. Can this attack succeed without being “too successful” – ie. leading to nuclear escalation ?
  • Trouble at Trevelyan, 2013: Portuguese fishing boats have repeatedly violated areas near the Trevelyan Escarpment in the Bay of Biscay, which France has designated as a marine preserve to help restore fish populations destroyed by overfishing. France has warned Portugal that it will be forced to take action against Portuguese fishing boats violating the preserve. In response, Portugal has moved a warship into the Bay of Biscay “to observe the situation, to maintain law and order, to preserve the peace, and to protect the rights of Portuguese citizens.”

As always, the Command community scenario pack is available at the WarfareSims downloads page:



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