New Command scenario: Red Episodes: Recon in Force

July 15, 2014 · Posted in Command 

Author: Miguel Molina

This is the fifth scenario in a series of little scenarios based on hypothetical WWIII  between WP and NATO.

All these scenarios are small and playable from Soviet side only.


Note: Run the scenario for at least 1 second before starting to give orders to units.


From : HQ Red Banner

To: Cmdr SAG Kirov Group

Despite our well planned and executed operations against Norwegian forces some enemy ships have escaped from us, some of them are using the Northern fjords to hide attack our small convoys using ‘guerilla’ tactics, a couple of our troop transports has been sunk and it is now a priority task to search and destroy them, due to limited access to air units and the unexpected bad weather our air support for this mission is very limited.

Enemy submarine presence is unknown

Proceed to the Northern Norwegian coast and locate all remnants naval forces of Norway.

Good luck Comrade.


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