New Command scenario: The Old Regime and the New Nation

August 10, 2014 · Posted in Command 

Author: Coiler12

This scenario features Francoist Spain reinforcing its equatorial African colony in the face of threats and conflict with Nigeria.



-Nigeria, with its fledgling military, has made threatening moves towards Spain’s colony in central Africa. While Franco has regarded independence of the colony as an inevitability, he does not want it to be taken away. Therefore the government has made the decision to reinforce Spanish Equatorial Africa.

Enemy Forces:

-Nigeria has no armed combat aircraft as of this time but may attempt to harass Spanish aircraft flying over its territory with what planes it does possess.

-Enemy naval forces are estimated at two to five World War II-surplus light vessels and armed transports.

Friendly Forces:

-A large naval reinforcement convoy is en route to Equatorial Africa. However, it will take a long time to arrive and immediate strengthening of the defenses is needed. A detachment of old but still useable He-111 bombers has been readied at Moron AB.


-Fly the He-111s to Santa Isabel. Once they’ve completed their flight, rearm them. Then sweep the southeastern coast of Nigeria and sink any Nigerian naval vessels in the area.


-Weapons free.

-There are not many munitions at Santa Isabel, so make them count.

Command and Signal:

Command: Santa Isabel Airport.

EMCON State C (unrestricted emissions)


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