Improving the best: Command v1.11 Service Release 1 now available

July 5, 2016 · Posted in Command 

AGM-65_Maverick2Hot on the heels of the v1.11 release, our first “service” build for the most recent version is now available. For a detailed list of the changes and additions, see the complete release notes on the Matrix Games forum thread. The announcement also contains a manual download link, although the update is also available both through the Matrix updater utility and Steam.

v1.11 SR1 (a.k.a. Build 839) does not feature any new earth-shattering features (the megaton release of v1.11 takes care of that for a while) but it does include a number of additions and improvements that have been popular with players and should enhance your playing experience even more.

As a quick overview:

  • Stick-bombing mechanics have been thoroughly overhauled and adjusted to more closely match known historical examples (the Black Buck raid on Port Stanley, Vietnam bombing patterns, Desert Storm attacks etc.). As an extra visual aid, all unguided weapon impacts (both hits and misses) are displayed for a few seconds on the tactical map. (Watching the crater pattern of a B-52 “Arc Light” pass never gets old…)
  • Much improved support for high-DPI (>150% font) desktop settings. This should help players who run Command on very high-resolution monitors (4K / UHD etc.). This is an ongoing endeavor and more tweaks will be forthcoming in near-future releases.
  • When using the "zoom to the cursor position" option, after zooming the mouse cursor re-centers on the map. This mirrors the Google Maps cursor behavior and makes mouse-zooming more efficient.
  • A surprisingly frequent user request: The spacebar (instead of F12) now pauses/resumes the simulation.
  • Command can now load and run much larger scenarios (>10.000 active units) and is generally more robust against memory-exhaustion issues.
  • Non-navigation zones and exclusion zones can now be enabled/disabled dynamically mid-scenario instead of always existing. This can be accomplished both through the ScenEdit interface and through Lua – the latter option naturally offering much greater flexibility and power.

In addition, v1.11 SR1 offers a new database refresh (v445) with the usual mile-long list of tweaks and additions, as well as a handy compendium of bug fixes and minor functionality tweaks.

Get it, and enjoy your summer holiday!


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