MiG-35 to be procured by the VVS

August 7, 2009 · Posted in Blogroll, Uncategorized · Comment 

mig35w3ld1Ares reports that the VVS has pledged to procure both the Su-35S (no surprise) and the MiG-35S (surprise!) in the following years:

This is the first official confirmation of interest in the MiG-35, an updated version of the MiG-29 with extended range, increased combat payload and AESA radar. It boosts Russia’s chances in India’s 126-aircraft Medium Multi-Role Combat Aircraft (MMRCA) competition. Two MiG-35 prototypes are to start customer evaluation trials for India in September. The first phase will take place in Russia, after which one aircraft will continue trials in India.

Upgraded versions of the classic MiG-29 so far haven’t shared the Flanker family’s phenomenal export success, so this may signal a turn of fortunes for the design bureau.