PAK-FA: Preliminary analysis

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a6b98c2c-1753-4836-9cda-490a9a0e2939.Full Defence aviation oldtimer Bill Sweetman has been quick to trot out an interesting preliminary report based on the photos/videos of the PAK-FA’s first flight.

You know you’ve got some good stuff to read when the analysis begins like this:

First of all, for anyone contemplating the use of the word "Raptorski":  don’t. While this is an airplane that could have been the answer to the Advanced Tactical Fighter requirement, way back when, it’s not an F-22 in many important ways.

Definitely a recommended read.

PAK-FA first flight

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pak[1]Sukhoi has conducted the first flight of its prototype PAK FA fifth-generation fighter, with the aircraft having conducted a 47min sortie this morning.

[…]The PAK FA is powered by two NPO Saturn "Item 117" engines, developed from the Item 117S design already flown on Sukhoi’s Su-35 and a Su-27M testbed. The experimental aircraft’s integrated flight control system controls the engines, along with all other major systems.

Sukhoi says other key design elements include the use of composite materials, advanced aerodynamic techniques and measures to reduce the aircraft’s engine signature, which it claims results in an “unprecedented small radar cross section in radar, optical and infrared range”. The PAK FA is also equipped with an advanced phased-array antenna radar, it adds. Russia’s Tikhomirov NIIP displayed an active electronically scanned array design for the fighter at last year’s Moscow MAKS air show.

[…]The first stage of flight trials involving the PAK FA prototype will last until 2012, when the Russian defence ministry and air force are expected to decide on the future of the project.

PAK-FA’s AESA radar

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Steve Trimble has a video of the presentation of the PAK-FA’s AESA radar: