New Command scenario: ASW EX – 1971 Spanish Coast

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Author – Miguel Molina ‘Meroka37’

Blue vs Red

Date/Time: 25 November, 1971 / 12:00:00 Zulu
Location: West from Balearic Islands
Playable Sides: Blue, Red

The Spanish Navy organize an ASW exercise to test its recent purchased material from the US.

Blue side: Dedalo (Ex US CVL Cabot) with an escort of  4 FRAM destroyers.

Red side: two Guppy IIA and one older D clase submarine.

New Command scenario: Operation Allied Force

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Serbian forces have utilized Heroin drug trade profits to modernize their military. Recent satellite photos show the Serbian airforce has been fully mobilized. Advanced SAM S-300 (Nato sig SA-10) installations are throughtout Serbia. Long range deadly Mobile Silkwarm (Nato sig. SS-C-1b) ASM sites have also been active in the theater. Reports of a possible Kilo Class sub operating in the area have not been comfirmed. There are reports from Italy that organizations sympathetic to the Milosevich regime are using Italian ships to smuggle arms and oil from Russia and PLA to Serbia via Montenegro. These ships are to be identified and neutralized immediately.

Targets are concentrated in 5 primary areas and a few scattered regions:

  • industrial and military targets in Novi Sod which provide equipment to the Serbian armed forces;
  • both military and industrial targets in Belgrade;
  • merchant, military, and industrial in the ports of Budva and Herceg Novi;
  • isolated command centers in central Serbia;
  • military targets.

Author – PJ Baumgartner ‘pbj1’
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Command review at

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Command was favorably reviewed by

I played Command – Modern Naval / Air Operations for many hours and I have not yet explored all the opportunities. I have not touched for example laser guided bombs with designation from a ground crew or the use of satellites. This hints at the completeness and variety of techniques and tactics available to achieve one’s scenario objectives. The game is complex but it is quite possible to let the AI handle the details in order to focus on the overall strategy. If I am not for example interested in the precise management of destroyers, I order my F-16s to head towards their goal and tell them when to use their AIM-9 Sidewinders. However, even with the help of AI, to make the most of this simulation some military knowledge will obviously be asked of the player, who will however be assisted by the database or Internet sources.

[…] Command – Modern Naval / Air Operations is complete, scalable, almost infinite in its replayability with user scenarios, however it is currently too expensive. Firstly, because there are still some bugs and other problems, and secondly because the high price will prevent many of the players from getting it. This may result in a smaller user base and therefore fewer scenarios, mods, and all the good things that can make a solid group of enthusiastic players community. But if in the future Matrix is a promotion, if you are offered the game or if you just decide to do a nice gift, this offers you a simulation whose level of detail and completeness has almost no equal”.

Read the full review HERE.


Command reviewed at Canard PC

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Command received a very favorable review at the print version of Canard PC.

It leaves no doubt about its intended audience: the guys who are obsessed with the AMRAAM, the fetishists of SSBNs, the ayatollahs of Tomahawk, those who know by heart the radar ranges of all armies of the Warsaw Pact, and can discuss for hours the differences between the Rafale-M and Rafale-C with a lustful twinkle in their eyes. The amount of military hardware simulated via the huge database of the game is impressive, it is the trophies of the technowarrior in all their splendor.


No other recent title is able to simulate with the same care, detail and realism any naval battle of the last 50 years.

You can read the full review on the print issue #284.

Command reviewed at

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Jim Cobb at has reviewed Command v1.01. His conclusion:

This game stands heads and shoulders above any game released this year. If it is not named “Game of the Year” in its genre, then that accolade is meaningless.

Read the full review HERE.


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