New Command scenario: Hunter-Killers

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clip_image002Author – Hellfish6

December 18, 1962

US convoy carrying two National Guard divisions to Europe needs protection against Soviet raiders.

v1.0 7 Nov 13


Re: Convoy HX-6212-9 (Halifax-Rotterdam)

15 Dec 62


1. US troops continue clearing operations in Cuba

2. Frontline in northern Europe stabilizing along the Rhine. Soviet forces have taken Trieste, Italy, and are pushing west. Belgrade under seige and Athens fell on 11 December.

3. Poor weather conditions since 15 Nov have prevented expected levels of successful submarine prosecutions. The GIUK Gap is, effectively, open.

4. COMSIXTHFLT is conducting operations along the North Cape with ENTERPRISE, ARK ROYAL and INDEPENDENCE to stanch the flow of Soviet forces into the North Atlantic. SARATOGA, WASP and FRANKLIN D ROOSEVELT enroute from HOTEL STATION off Wilhelmshaven, FDR.

5. HMS EAGLE and LAKE CHAMPLAIN sunk off Tromso, Norway in Soviet air raid on 9 December.

6. Convoy NN-6211-29 took heavy losses to Soviet submarines between Azores and Gibraltar enroute to Naples with 36th Infantry Division.

7. Heavy enemy mining efforts in English Channel and approaches.


TG ALFA (GAMBLE) conducts ASW hunter-killer operations in support of HX-6212-9.

HX-6212-9 (ROTATOR) to arrive off Rotterdam NLT 27 December 62 to discharge 26th and 47th Infantry Divisions in support of USAREUR.

COMNAVAIRNORLANT supports GAMBLE and ROTATOR from RCAF Greenfield, Argentia, Keflavik/Rejkyavik and RAF Kinloss.



Transits at discretion of CDR TG ALFA based on threat environment. Be aware of mines in/around English Channel.


New Command scenario: Caribbean Crisis – The Showdown

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clip_image002Author – ‘fonz_’
Email –

Netherlands vs. Venezuela

Date/Time: September 21st, 2012 / 06:00:00 Zulu
Location: Caribbean Sea
Playable Side: Netherlands

Background (fictional)

A month ago Venezuelan armed forces attacked Dutch naval installations on Curaçao and Aruba. After the attacks the islands were placed under Venezuelan "stewardship" and a token defense force was transferred from the Venezuelan mainland. The Dutch government is unwilling to wait for consensus in the international community and has initiated operations to retake the islands and so honoring their defense agreements with both Curaçao and Aruba.

Naval forces have been transferred to the Caribbean along with airforce elements. As theater commander you are responsible for an amphibious assault on Curaçao and establishing a forward operating base on the island.

This is a one-sided mixed scenario with a duration of 48h.

New Command scenario: Gulf of Tonkin incident

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Author – Miguel Molina ‘Meroka37’
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United States vs North Vietnam

Date/Time: 2nd August, 1964 / 16:00:00 Local Time
Location: Gulf of Tonkin
Playable Sides: United States, North Vietnam

Destroyer USS Maddox (DD-731) is in a reconnaissance mission in the Golf of Tonkin. close to Northern Vietnam coast international waters; the destroyer is returning after a couple of days sailing the Gulf  in a secret electronic warfare support measures mission (codename DESOTO).

New Command scenario: Stag Yellow

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Author – Mark Gellis

This scenario assumes the the pro-Soviet military dictatorship that seized control of Peru in the late 1960s was not only unfriendly to the United States, but actively hostile, and eventually committed acts that demanded an American response.


ATTN: Commanding Officer, Coral Sea

You are instructed to initiate OPERATION STAG YELLOW.


In 1968, General Juan Velasco seized control of Peru.  In the last year, Peru has become increasingly hostile towards the United States and its allies.  Along with building stronger relations with the Soviet Union, it has seized and sometimes even fired on American fishing boats it claimed were violating its territorial waters. 

Last week, Peru fired on and sank an American trawler.  Six Americans were killed in the attack. 

The President is outraged by Peru’s actions and has decided that a punitive strike is necessary.


While Peru operates some older submarines and surface vessels, the most serious threat you are likely to face is from their air force.  Along with older aircraft, such as F-86 fighters, Peru has recently purchased a number of the new Mirage V aircraft. 


Your battle group consists of the Coral Sea and her air wing, CGL 6 Providence, DD 882 Furse, DD 937 Davis, and SSN 590 Sculpin.   


Proceed to the area marked on your tactical map. 

Destroy the refinery at Talara and as many of the surrounding tanks of diesel fuel as possible. 

You are free to attack other targets of opportunity (port facilities, military facilities at Victor Montes Airport/Air Base, etc.) as they present themselves. 

Remain on station and monitor the situation until you receive further orders. 


Keep in mind that Talara is a populated area.  Avoid unnecessary civilian casualties.

Soviet forces are known to be operating in your area.  Avoid hostilities with them unless you are attacked.


Command: Coral Sea

Signal: EMCON State C (Unrestricted Emissions)

Good luck.

New Command scenario: Annaba Constant

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Author – Mark Gellis


ATTN: Commander, Chateaurenault

You are instructed to initiate OPERATION ANNABA CONSTANT.


The war with the Algerian rebels continues.  Egypt continues to attempt to provide the rebels with weapons and other supplies.

We have received reliable intelligence that an Egyptian convoy is currently on its way to the Tunisian port of Tabarka.  Once the ships arrive, weapons and other war material will be smuggled across the border to Algiera.

We have received unconfirmed reports that Egypt has secretly flown two or three older military aircraft (most likely British Meteors) to Algeria and donated them to the rebel forces.


The Egyptians have at least one warship escorting the merchants.  They may also have smaller vessels in the area operating at scouts.


Your forces consist of the Chateaurenault and the Le Brestois.  Aircraft at Solenzara are available to assist you.


Locate and intercept the Egyptian convoy and inspect the merchants for contraband.  If the merchants are carrying contraband, seize those vessels and arrest their crews.

You are free to stop and inspect any other suspicious vessels you encounter.


Do not initiate hostilities with Egyptian vessels.  You are free to return fire if you are attacked.  Further, if you are attacked, you are instructed to place the crews of the merchant vessels under arrest and then sink the merchant vessels as a punitive action against Egypt.

If you encounter any rebel forces, you may fire on them at will.


Command: Chateaurenault

Signal: EMCON State C (Unrestricted Emissions)

Good luck.  Vive la France!

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