New Command scenario: Splendid George

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Author: Mark Gellis

In 1985, an attempted coup took place in Guinea.  In history, Guinea’s ruler, Lansana Conté, quelled the uprising and had about 100 conspirators executed.  This included the leader of the attmepted coup, former Prime Minister Diarra Traoré. 

This scenario assumes that Traoré was able to escape with part of his organization intact.  Six months after the coup attempt, they remain a threat, having established a fairly successful guerilla operation against Guinea’s government.  In addition, he has been able to secure military aid from the Soviet Union.

The United States does not wish to risk a global war with the Soviet Union, and has not tried to blockade the rebel port at Kamsar.  However, the United States has no qualms about attacking the rebels themselves.  The American plan, in fact, is to weaken the rebels enough to allow the military of Guinea to defeat them. 

The Soviets, for their part, seem content to arm the rebels and have not attempted to attack the Guinean military.


Author’s Notes

A delta template .ini file has been included in the .zip file to assist in updating the scenario to future versions of the database. 



ATTN: Commanding Officer, Iwo Jima

You are instructed to initiate OPERATION SPLENDID GEORGE.


Soviet-supplied rebels in Guinea continue to battle against that country’s legitimate government.  The President considers it essential that the rebels do not gain the upper hand.


The rebels are in possession of a large portion of the tanks and artillery pieces that made up the army equipment of Guinea.  They are also in possession of one Osa-class missile boat. 

In recent months, the Soviets have supplied the rebels with aircraft, radar facilities, and either SA-2 or SA-3 missiles.  Intelligence sources also believe that the Soviets have given the rebels between six and fifteen MiG-21 aircraft, and possibly other aircraft as well. 


Your task force consists of LPH 2 Iwo Jima and her aircraft, DDG 19 Tattnall, DD 979 Conolly, FFG 28 Boone, and AO 178 Monongahela.

FFG 26 Gallery and SSN 638 Whale are already on station and are chopped to your command.

Guinea retains controls of many of its armored units and a small number of MiG-17 aircraft.  These forces will continue to share intelligence with you.


  1. Prevent rebel forces from attacking Guinean naval forces.  You are cleared to sink any rebel vessels you encounter.
  2. Assist Guinean forces in gaining air superiority over rebel forces.
  3. Locate and destroy any appropriate targets of opportunity.
  4. Gather intelligence about the location, strength, and disposition of remaining rebel forces.
  5. Gather intelligence about the location, strength, and disposition of Soviet forces in your area.


Do not initiate hostilities with Soviet forces.  Repeat.  Do not initiate hostilities with Soviet forces.  Surface vessels and submarines may return fire if and only if they are attacked.  Aircraft employed to identify Soviet vessels should retreat to a safe distance once identification is achieved.  In the event that American aircraft are shot down by Soviet warships, American surface vessels and submarines are NOT authorized to retaliate. 

It is not expected that you will need to deploy marines at the present time. 

Special weapons release is not anticipated.


Command: Iwo Jima
Signal: EMCON State C (Unrestricted Emissions)

Good luck.

New Command scenario: Tanker Wars

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Author: poaw
USA vs. Iran

Date/Time: 20 April, 2017
Location: Persian Gulf
Playable Sides: USA


In response to diplomatic tension regarding possible violations of a nuclear proliferation agreement, Iran has declared a quarantine on military traffic in the region. Our partner nations in the region have scaled back their operations and civilian traffic has been complying with instructions from the Iranian Navy.

Your mission is to is to contest this state of affairs and demonstrate the United States Navy’s commitment to freedom of navigation in international waters.

Scenario Design Notes:

This is a small Sea Control scenario representing a likely mix of forces and objectives; roughly equivalent to, but down scaled from, Operation Praying Mantis during the Tanker Wars.


Commander US Forces


Recent Chinese overtures in the region have emboldened Iran to abandoned it’s attempted reconcilliation with the US. Their continued grievances involving economic and military sanctions and China’s willingness to skirt the letter of the law on them has resulted in a significant reduction in the amount of soft-power the US can bring to bear, making it more and more inevitable that hard-power solutions would be required to bring the situation to an acceptable resolution.

You have been tasked with dealing with Iran’s "military quarantine". Make no mistake though, it is a blockade in all but name and the United States Navy is not in the business of being blockaded.

Available Forces:

A Littoral Action Group (LAG) consisting of:

  • LCS 2 USS Independence (ASW)
  • LCS 3 USS Fort Worth (SUW)
  • LCS 6 USS Jackson (SSM)
  • LCS 7 USS Detroit (SUW)

Rules Of Engagement:

You are authorized to take any offensive action you deem necessary against Iranian naval assets in order to accomplish your mission, however avoiding damage to civilian shipping is of the utmost importance. The Iranians, won’t be attacking the shipping either, but it’s your responsibility to keep them out of the line of fire. DO NOT hide in the merchant traffic.

Ensure you have positive ID before you engage.

Designer notes:

This scenario is intended for the player to use his LAG in order to clear the Iranian blockade. You score points by:

  • Passing through the Iranian blockade with a surface vessal

You are penalized for:

  • Losing aircraft (manned or unmanned) 
  • Losing surface ships

New Command scenario: Play The Fool

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Author: poaw

Date/Time: 20 October, 2016
Location: South China Sea
Playable Sides: USN/USMC


In the interest of rolling back Chinese territorial expansion an amphibious assault is launched against their outposts in the Parcel Islands, primarily the Woody Island airfield. Your mission is get the landing force in place and protect it while the Marines storm the islands.

Scenario Design Notes:

This is a medium freeform scenario. Encompassing air, surface, subsurface and land attack actions in "the future next Tuesday".


Commander US Forces


PACOM has decided to begin rolling back the PLAN’s possessions in the South China Sea. The course of action decided upon was an amphibious assault on the Paracel Islands, focused on capturing the aviation facilities on Woody Island intact. Such an assault will compel the PLAN’s South China Sea fleet to battle, bring their aircraft out from their IADS, and give us a staging point within 350nm of their southern coastline.

You can expect the bulk of the PLAN’s South China Sea Fleet to oppose your efforts. The Paracel Islands are geographically close to Hainan Island, and are seen as Chinese territory, militarily and politically they can’t back down from this fight they will bring the heat. Our COMSEC is still intact, but they can read a map and operational indications as well as we can, they know something is coming, just not exactly what, when, or where.


Woody Island has an aviation contingent stationed there with a handful of fighter and attack aircraft, along with several modern SAMs and ASM batteries on the surrounding islets. The point of primary concern is the YLC-8 radar located there.

The South China Sea Fleet’s surface element primarily consists of guided missile frigates and destroyers. Expect more than one surface action group screening the approaches and looking to attack anything they think they can hurt. They have limited numbers of modern high-end AAW destroyers, but expect at least one with each SAG and plan accordingly.

There is a very large and active submarine force operating in the area, be especially wary in the littorals around the landing area. Most of the opposing submarine force is obsolete Ming-class boats, but they have a small number of modern SSKs armed with ASMs. Those can cause serious problems.

Most of the air threat will come from Hainan Island, with the Liaoning providing support. Their forces will be a mix of modern multirole aircraft and dated figher craft. There is also a contingent of heavy bombers capable of launching ASCMs stationed there.

Second Artillery Corps will be looking to kill carriers with their ASBMs, including the STOVL amphibs. Avoid detection of your carriers as much as possible, but if that becomes impossible you have several BMD capable escorts with your forces. If you suspect an attack try to consolidate your forces around them. They’ll attempt to swamp your defenses, but they will be holding back a significant portion of their missiles to cover any forces coming from Pearl Harbor.

The Liaoning will be in the area, protected by an extremely capable escort force consisting of multiple AAW destroyers and frigates along with at least one SSN. They will be the most dangerous force in theater but will likely be employed very conservatively and only allowed to support operations with it’s modest airwing and in self-defense.

Task Organization:

Bush CSG

  • CVN 77 Bush
    • 20x F/A-18A+
    • 12x F/A-18E
    • 12x F/A-18F
    • 4x EA-6B
    • 4x E-2D
    • 11x MH-60R
  • CG 58 Philippine Sea
  • DDG 51 Arleigh Burke
  • DDG 80 Roosevelt
  • DDG 103 Truxtun

Makin Island ESG

  • LHD 8 Makin Island
    • 6x F-35B
    • 4x AH-1Z
    • 3x UH-1Y
  • LHA 6 America (Sea Control)
    • 20x F-35B
  • DDG 72 Mahan
  • LPD 22 San Diego
  • LPD 23 Anchorage
  • LSD 45 Comstock
  • LSD 52 Pearl Harbor

Zumwalt LAG

  • DDG 1000 Zumwalt
  • LCS 4 Coronado (ASW)
  • LCS 6 Jackson (ASW)
  • LCS 7 Detroit (ASW)

Changi Airbase

  • 4x P-8A
  • 8x KC-130J
  • 2x MQ-4C

SSN 783 Minnesota
SSN 21 Seawolf


Get the amphibs into the landing zone, and protect them while they offload. How you do so is up to you. However DO NOT damage the airfield facilities themselves especially the runway. Sinking the Chinese carrier should be regarded as a secondary objective, but do not endanger the landings to pursue it.


Scenario Notes:

In order to perform the landings get your amphibs (excluding the USS America), into the objective area and remain there for eight hours.
You score points based on destroying aircraft, ships, and submarines
You lose points for losing aircraft, ships, submarines, with large penalties applied to losing carriers, amphibs and damaging the airfield on Woody Island.
The Liaoning is worth a significant point bonus, but is very well protected. Be sure you can spare the resources to attack it if you choose to.

New Command scenario: Four Ounces Can Move Four Thousand Pounds

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Author: poaw

Date/Time: 3 October, 2016

Location: South China Sea

Playable Sides: PLAN, JMSDF


Early in the outbreak of hostilities between China and Japan both nation’s surface fleets face off for control of the East China Sea. The JMSDF must maintain sea control in order to protect the maritime trade routes that are its nation’s lifeline from interdiction by the PLAN. The PLAN must implement it’s doctrine of early anti-access measures to delay an offensive response to their operations.

Scenario Design Notes:

This is a small freeform scenario. Involving surface and subsurface actions in between roughly equal sides.


Orders for PLAN


Japan has continued to refuse to negotiate in good faith with regards to the Diaoyu Islands, as such the Party leadership has decided that it will be possible to seize control of the islands away from the Japanese then compromise from a position of strength in the matter. The East Sea Fleet has been mobilized to make this happen.


The JMSDF has it’s Second Escort Flotilla active in the area along with an unknown number of submarines. A half-dozen or so DDGs should be expected, along with a SURTASS vessel screening the surrounding waters.

Task Force Organization:

  • Southern SAG
    DDG 138 Taizhou
    DDG 137 Fu Zhou
    FFG 528 Mianyang

  • Northern SAG
    FFG 542 Tongling
    FFG 540 Huainan
    FFG 539 Anqing

  • Wolei Minelaying Group
    MM 814 Wolei
    FFG 526 Wenzhou
    FFG 525 Manshan

  • SS 366
    SS 365
    SS 327
    SS 325


Your mission is the destruction of JMSDF forces in the East China Sea, and mining the waters around the Diaoyu Islands. The neutralization of any Japanese wide area surveillance ships is a secondary objective. You are not to engage any civilian traffic in the area, regardless of flag.

Scenario Designer Notes:

  • You are awarded points for destroying JMSDF ships and submarines. A large bonus is provided for mining the waters around the Diaoyu Islands, a smaller bonus is provided for sinking the Hibiki.
  • You lose points for losing ships and submarines. Losing the Wolei incurs a massive penalty.


Orders for JMSDF


Diplomatic tensions between Japan and the PRC has come to a head over the Senkaku Islands. They have clearly communicated their intentions to seize the islands by force and intelligence analysis bears this out. This is a fight to which they have commited and are unlikely to back down from.


The PLAN has a substantial portion of their East Sea Fleet’s surface forces arrayed against you. Expect multiple surface action groups made up of DDGs and FFGs and anti-ship missile armed SSKs.

Task Force Organization:

  • Second Escort Flotilla SAG
    DDH 144 Kurama
    DD 173 Kongo
    DD 157 Sawagiri
    DD 103 Yudachi
  • SURTASS Group
    AOS 5201 Hibiki
    DD 109 Ariake
    DD 104 Kirisame
  • SS 590 Oyashio
    SS 583 Harushio


You are tasked with engaging the PLAN’s forces in the East China Sea, specifically around the Senkaku Islands. Screen the surrounding waters for surface and subsurface threats and engage them as necessary. Avoid destroying civilian shipping at all costs.


Scenario Designer Notes:

  • You are awarded points for destroying PLAN ships and submarines. A large bonus is provided for sinking the Wolei, a smaller bonus is provided for maintaining the Hibiki’s station.
  • You lose points for losing ships and submarines. Losing the Hibiki incurs a large penalty.

New Command scenario: Spanish Guinea

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Author: Jorm

Oil exploration and production has boomed in the Gulf of Guinea. The once Spanish colony of Equatorial Guinea’s corrupt government has asked for Spanish assistance with protection of the countries offshore oil and gas platforms.

Tensions with Nigeria have escalated as they continue to press their claims on the offshore oil fields.

A minefield has been detected stopping all access to oil platforms. Spanish mine sweepers have arrived…

The oil wealth of Nigeria has attracted military support from the Dutch who have assisted with acquisition of spare parts and technical assistance in restoring the Nigerian air force.

Unfortunately the region is also West Africa’s most pirates riddled waters.


Design Notes:

Much of the Nigerian air force and navy is not included, I’ve used other nations ships and planes as direct  substitutes. Where small patrol vessels could not be directly  matched I’ve chosen a very similar class and edited  it to match. I’ve used JANES as a resource for the NAVY all aircraft used are those that Nigeria had in its OOB at the time.



Using the three Aggressive class mine sweepers, sweep the area marked bounding the oil platforms to the north and east of Malabo. It may be easier of section the area into two  patrol zones.

Protect the mine sweepers using F81 Santa Maria and F35 Cazadora.

Air assets are very limited.

Conduct anti-pirate patrols using F31 Descubuerta and limited air assets at Bata.

An engineering battalion loaded onto L 41 Herman Cortez with its heavy equipment is bound for Bata. Protect this vessel at all costs.


The region is thick with civil and commercial traffic and oil wells. Take great care to identify targets.

Nigeria have declared hostilities by attacking our oil platforms , all Nigerian vessels are to be considered hostile.

There are  two pirate ‘mother ships’ operating in the region. Both are 800ton trawlers; find and destroy both of them if possible.

Most of Nigeria’s air force is known to be based at Makurdi AB.

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